Copper Wire Light: The…

Who would have thought that liven up your room is just a switch on away? Apparently, with this Copper Wire Light, it is more than … Continue Reading

There’s no such thing as too early to talk about fall when you can almost feel it in the air. I’ve been looking forward to the sweater weather, pumpkin lattes in the morning, and the festive vibe that the autumn foliage brings! So, with that said, I wanted to share with you some of my back to cool fashion picks to update/refresh our closet — there’s a bonus item in the end that I’m sure you’ll love! Continue Reading

PenGems recently added a new collection to their already sparkly line up called Hollywood Boulevard… and it is STUNNING! For those of us who love to bring our own sunshine sparkle wherever we go, this is an absolute entourage to our well-loved planner(s). Seriously, no second guessing here. Continue Reading

Summer weather can be fun and exciting, despite the fact that sometimes it gets so humid and hot to the point that it feels like we’re melting — at least that’s how I feel sometimes. I love to keep it minimal when it comes to beauty in the summer time and would only do a little bit more makeup wise if I’m going to a party. Continue Reading

If you’ve been wanting to try Tatcha for a while but not sure where to start, now would be a good time! You can try Tatcha for $10 today (YES!) through their latest 7 Day Journey Set, which Includes 14 packets (7 One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil & 7 Classic Rice Enzyme Powder) to transform your skin in 1 week. Continue Reading

Summer is coming to a close (wishful thinking here) but it doesn’t mean your fun times should be, too. This is that last hurrah of accessory shopping to make this season as memorable as can be under the sun. The good news? Whichever swimming pool float you pick, you can always reunite with it and have another round of good times next year!   Continue Reading

Time flies, when you’re having fun! Monday is here and I am so excited to share with you my acne story. Ok, acne is definitely not something I get excited about, but when it has to do with how I finally beat acne, then isn’t that worth celebrating for? Let’s go! Continue Reading

The weekend is calling. It’s saying, hey girl, let’s go shopping! We want to kick off this beautiful weekend with our latest series called Favorite Five, hence the #FF. Let’s talk about Sigma Beauty and why we can’t help but love these five beauty products below. Continue Reading

What’s the best way to start the day? Scratch that. Say, the month? Positivity and sharing the good vibes! Continue Reading

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Ahh, the season of warm, sunny days, weekend getaways to the beach, and bubble tea in New York City is in full force. Get comfy because we’re about to spill the beans on our summer beauty secrets starting from head to toe with Sally Beauty ! Continue Reading

Can you guys believe we are halfway through the year already? Things have been so crazy busy lately that despite my many attempts of sharing an update here or on social media, I failed. That said, it’s a good kind of crazy, and here’s hoping to keep you all in the loop and play catch up.

IKEA showroom sofa

I wish! Our living room obviously is nowhere near like this IKEA showroom. Just saying.

We moved to a new apartment!

That’s right folks, it happened. Finally! It’s been over a year since we started to contemplate about moving to a new place so when an opportunity opened up, we grabbed it and never looked back! We (literally and figuratively) packed our bags and dumped everything into our new apartment, all in one day. Gasp*

at home flowers

Our dining room – on a good day. 

We are still not done, believe it or not, but we are getting there. I also managed to “claim” a room solely intended as my working space or my ‘woman cave’ version… and that brings me to another (even more) exciting update!

We’re growing!

Sweet Jelly Bean has always been my platform for pursuing many goals. Sharing my take on photography, working with brands and contributing back to the community, are just some of them. I also feel that I won’t be where I am now if I didn’t have my followers, friends, and family, who have always had my back especially during those ‘down times’ and never stopped encouraging me to keep moving forward.

SJB is slowly (but surely) expanding into something more than just my happy medium as this blog becomes a creative outlet to like-minded souls, like my little SJB Creative team (throws confetti) of passionate, talented and most of all, dedicated friends. It’s my pleasure to have Leslie and Steph on board, who will be joining me on this journey as we hustle, grind, and repeat.

I’ve been wanting to introduce these lovely ladies to everyone and I hope you welcome them with a warm, virtual embrace!

New Projects and Ventures (this is how we roll!)

Amidst my chaotic schedule and lack of sleep, I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m currently working on a project with eBay! Adding more features on this blog and then some. I will be sharing more on this in my next post along with some guides we’re pretty sure you’ll find useful.

Plus watch out for an upcoming collaboration with Sally Beauty soon!

So, over to you, what have you been up to lately?

Some days are just better with a Chambray shirt on (and chino micro shorts). The weekend is one of them. Continue Reading