What You Need To…

What does your skin have in common with cakes and onions? Layers. And while there are a multitude of skin care products available, only a … Continue Reading

I could have been…

Wednesday Addams. And yes, it’s Wednesday. Trying to make a statement? Perhaps. I had one day where I could be whoever I wanted to be. … Continue Reading

When I finally decided to switch to paid blog hosting, I received tons of questions from friends and fellow bloggers, who are looking into stepping up their blog game, about its benefits and should they do it? Well, here it is! Continue Reading

The transition from a warm humid season to a cooler one doesn’t only apply to our wardrobe. Our skincare needs to change as well and Jouviance Skin Care has you covered.  Continue Reading

Good things come to those who wait hustle.

Achieving your goals, no matter how small or mundane they are, doesn’t take rocket science. Being buried alive in an avalanche of back logs and unfinished piles of work is the extra stress you don’t need in your life. Plus, there’s not enough coffee in the world to keep you awake trying to finish that assignment that’s supposedly due yesterday.

We believe that the key to maintaining a sense of productivity lies in the 12-letter word called organization and that it all starts with a good planner. Continue Reading

I never leave the house without my lip balm on or going to bed without slathering a generous amount on my lips either. The latter is one you want in your everyday routine especially if you want to wake up with healthy and plumper than ever lips. Trust me, it works. Continue Reading

You just got home from your favorite nail salon and you could not be more pleased with the way your fresh manicure looks. Or perhaps you have worked for months at perfecting fancy nail painting techniques and are really excited about finally getting everything to flawless. Either way, you have 10 gorgeous fingernails that you want to share with the world on Instagram and your nails are definitely ready for their close-up.

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The largest online shopping period of the year is almost upon us so if you want to save tons and find the best deals, then keep reading.

We all have experience combing through the online world not only looking for the perfect gifts, but also fantastic deals that can literally hide right under our noses. Groupon Coupons, an extension of the Groupon service we know and love, is a simple, exciting, and super effective way for finding all the latest specials, saving you big bucks and introducing you to new products that you never knew existed.  Continue Reading

I couldn’t help but pick up the latest StyleWatch magazine earlier along with my morning (iced) coffee. I sometimes like to peruse and have a quite ‘me’ time during the day while checking out what’s on trend, new products to watch out for, and also get photography inspiration by flipping through the pages. While doing so, I came across my ultimate WCW, the one and only, Olivia Culpo. Continue Reading

The answer is an inevitable yes.

A great portion of written communication has already been replaced by email, social media apps and other forms of electronic contact, like this IDBS electronic lab notebook. I mean, we can now peruse our favorite fashion or beauty magazines and put them in our pockets whenever we like, thanks to our trusted smartphones. Continue Reading

There’s no such thing as too early to talk about fall when you can almost feel it in the air. I’ve been looking forward to the sweater weather, pumpkin lattes in the morning, and the festive vibe that the autumn foliage brings! So, with that said, I wanted to share with you some of my back to cool fashion picks to update/refresh our closet — there’s a bonus item in the end that I’m sure you’ll love! Continue Reading

Who would have thought that liven up your room is just a switch on away? Apparently, with this Copper Wire Light, it is more than possible and I’m here to show ‘n tell! I have to admit, I have never felt so psyched with a product before until I finally get to try this one. You’ll see why below. Continue Reading