Second Haul: Mizon Skincare Products

I could actually scream with glee. But I won’t. 😀 
Today, once again, proved to be a nice day for me. I received my second Mizon package! 

It took only a week to arrive. Wow! Bought this on 17th and was shipped on the same day. Now, that’s what I called excellent service. Just like the first haul, everything was bubble-wrapped with love, so no leaks and no damages.

And psstt. . . I didn’t get hefty custom charges this time as well. O:-)

And oh, I finally (FINALLY!) got my hands on the CC cream I’ve been craving for, like a pregnant woman. ha ha. (and no, I’m not pregnant.)

[Seller links will be listed at the end of this post. :-) )

So let’s meet my loot, shall we?


Lots of samples! I was given two tubes of All-in-one Snail Healing Cream as well and I gave the other one to my Mom. Can’t be too greedy. 

Rice Real Cleansing Foam

Written on the box: 3000mg of rice bran extract contained
The formula contains granules which gives mild exfoliation and leave skin well-hydrated after cleansing. The whipped cream like texture feels refreshing and is gentle on sensitive skin.
150ml, paid $7 plus shipping

Note: I just really wanted to give this a try. The fact that I love rice soooo much! Why not put it in my cleansing foam as well, right?

Collagen Power Lifting Toner

Written on the box: Certified for Anti-wrinkles by KFDA
Collagen solution 54% contained
Improves skin elasticity by plumpening collagen in skin and providing rich hydration. Enriched collagen extract keeps your skin smooth and radiant, while diminishing fine wrinkles.
120ml, paid (a little bit more for this) $15

Note: I love the look of this toner. It’s made of two-toned (frosted) glass? So heavy and looks very expensive. And did I tell you I love purple?

OHMU Jewel Queen Lipstick, Nudy Angel, Tangerine Coral

Nudy Angel & Tangerine Coral

O.H.M.U (Original Higher Make Up) – just in case you wonder what it means, like me 😀

Top: Tangerine Coral
Written on the box: Fresh coral-colored satin pearl gives volume effect to your lips and vivid color creates allure lip make up.

Bottom: Nudy Angel
Written on the box: Delicate neutral nudy pink beige colored satin pearl gives volume effect to your lips and vivid color creates allure lip make up.

Paid $8 each plus shipping

Note: The packaging for this one reminds me a little bit of this. I was very curious about this lipstick, especially the Tangerine Coral when I saw this on So let’s see if this would give me good results. :-)

AND… last but definitely not the least.

My very own Combo Correct Cream and Activator! (full size this time!)

1. Correct Essential Activator (priced at 58,000 won at
Skin essence with hydrating and smoothing properties.
Spray on cleansed face and dab for absorption.

2. Correct Combo Cream SPF25 PA++ (currently available at priced at 68,000 won ($74.80)

What’s written on the packaging:

Main Ingredients Effect

*Birch Tree sap for 24 hours moisturizing. Contains rich amino acids. Keeps skin well-moisturized and protects skin.
*Ceramide for a natural  moisture-retaining film. Ceramide is one of skin lipids constituents. Forms a natural moisture-retaining film on skin and smoothens skin.
*Moringa tree for rich skin nourishing. Called milk tree containing rich minerals and vitamins that help to make clear and smooth skin.

*Skin coverage: Micro Color Capsules (Micro CC) Patented mico color capsules pop on skin to vie a complete skin coverage and smooth and very even skin look.

I should thank  hope-inablog for making the post about the CC cream, since this is where I first came across this product. :-)

The CC cream on TV home shopping channel had great success last week. Sold out apparently! (Got my info from one of Mizon’s staff) So this could mean Ebay or Gmarket next? Who knows.

Anyway, most products in my haul can be purchased through Ebay or Gmarket from the official seller. Apart from OHMU Jewel Queen Lipstick, which is currently available at Gmarket only.

So that’s it folks!

Have you got your hands on the CC cream yet? 
What was your last beauty or skin care haul?


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