Finally, I’ve been wanting to blog about this lovely prize I got from a recent competition over at BeautyandtheBestoftheRest by Breige. This competition was provided by Sinfused. I was lucky to have come across Breige’s pretty website via Elena’s blog. [Thank you Breige for hosting this awesome treat!]

T-shirt came in a neat, slim box.

Sinfused, with its tag line ‘beyond the dresscode’ offers eye-catching clothing, from tops, bottoms and hotpants! You can check their site – here.

it was neatly folded before I messed it up.

Don’t be put off by the wildness or punk-ness design/theme, when you land on the site’s homepage. Im no rock, punk, or multi-colored hair enthusiast/chic (or Momma) – and certainly you don’t need to be one – to be able to wear their tees. But then if you are, then hey! Even better. This brand is aimed right at ya! And if you love glitters or sparkles, and would like more of this in your life, then take a look at their collection.

loving the mixture of colours

I personally picked the black tee with car motif. The color and design, I thought, go very well together. Apart from loving the purple color, I also happen to like the black color, since it more or less goes well with any of my personal outfits. The material feels really soft too and not coarse to the skin. I went for the smallest size, which they only have as size 8-10 (label says M) and the fitting is not too tight or too lose, so this was good for me.

image from Sinfused

It’s Sinfused, but you certainly won’t feel guilty wearing it. ;-)

So whaddya think? Like it?

Keep smiling :-)

AJ’s Mom

Do you  have a blog giveaway win experience? How was it? Feel free, you’re more than welcome to do so below.


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