Hi Everyone!

Yes, that’s right,  more awards! I received them just right after my previous post about receiving my first award EVER.  

And what a great way of passing this love around this weekend, right?

Thank you Mon at who nominated me for two awards! Wow!
One Lovely Blog Award and Versatile Blogger Award. And just after a few days of receiving them, I got another message from Tianna at telling me I’ve been nominated again, another One Lovely Blog Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Wohoo!!

Guys, you have no idea how much joy you’ve brought to my little heart. 



A BIG thank you. And… 

So over the past few days or so I’ve slowly put this blog-loved list together, and mulled over to myself why I think these bloggers are lovely, versatile, and how they’ve inspired me in many ways. And instead of me having to tell you the many reasons why they’re so worthy of being on this list, I’ll leave you the option of  visiting their respective blogs, where I experienced warmth, appreciation, and sometimes fits of giggles. 😉

Here they are! (drum roll pleaseeeee….)

-One Lovely Blog Award-


-Very Inspiring Blogger Award-


-Versatile Blogger Award-

The Rules for these Awards are as Follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award
     Nominate 8 for the One Lovely Blog Award
Nominate 15 for Versatile Blogger Award

… and leave a comment on their site to let them know. :-)
    (I am slightly breaking the rules for the Versatile Blogger Nominations since I only have 12.)

Psstt… I’ve linked their url address either to take you to their About page, since I felt that you could start from there to get to know them a little, or for some, their awesome posts! 

And for the random facts about me…

  • I love purple …or any shades of purple!
  • I started having grey hairs at the age of 18 (hereditary apparently)
  • You could say that the Korean movie that got me hooked to watch more Korean movies and dramas was the movie called 200 Pounds Beauty.
  • I’m a size 3 but sometimes could fit into a size 4 pair of shoes (don’t ask how :-P)
  • I love jeggings!
  • I’m a fan of wasabi sauce and I like to put lots when I have sushi.
  • I used to drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day when I used to work for a travel company. (managed to stop after I met AJ’s Dad, 3 years ago)

So that’s it for me my sweet jelly beans!

Have a great weekend!

Keep Smiling ^_^


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