…if they are, please make this post an exception. I am writing this post to clarify things a little after the comment I received not long ago.

I would like to ask my followers or readers, who get my posts via their email address, if they’re receiving one post in multiple entries? 

I’ve just had a message saying that he or she is getting multiple entries on everything I post here, and it’s driving him or her nuts. (of which to some degree, I can understand.)


It sounds to me like I am spamming someone’s email. But I’m not. I don’t spam. I hate spam. And I am not aware of this happening at all. However, if you are experiencing the same driving-me-nuts situation because of my posts, please do let me know. I would really appreciate it. 

And one reason why I’m saying that I am not fully aware of this, it’s because I get my own posts in my inbox, too. I follow myself. It might actually sound odd to you, but I always want to make sure that whatever I’m receiving in my email, is what’s showing in your inbox. Hence, I decided to follow my blog. So, if there are anomalies, then I would be the first person to know about it, don’t you think? 


As for the fellow blogger, who kindly expressed his/her feelings on this, I really would appreciate if you could tell me a little bit more about the issue; such as what posts are you getting in multiple entries; and how long has this been going on?
Just telling me to stop whatever I am doing doesn’t quite solve this, and obviously I don’t even know what is it I’m doing that I have to stop — apart from publishing my posts.

I love criticism. But I would prefer it to be a constructive one. Obviously, that’s not me telling you how you should do it. I am just saying, that’s what I would prefer. 

Now, if after reading this, some of you still think that my posts drive you nuts, then let me suggest  some solutions:

  • If you’re following my blog via email – you can actually adjust the Delivery Frequency of my posts to arrive in your inbox. So go and check what would be best for you. Dashboard — Blogs I Follow
  • For those following my blog via WP Reader (you achieve this if you click the Follow button on the black bar above rather than the one on my sidebar) – you only get to read my posts if you’re at WP Reader and if you decide to click it.
    So I’ll leave that choice with you.
  • Now, if you’re still unhappy with the solutions above – then the only option is to click Unfollow. I really didn’t want to suggest this, since I love to have as many followers as I can here in my blog. The more, the merrier, right? And I love your company and our little banter.
    But if my posts are making you unhappy and are causing you the feeling of going nutty, then I’d rather not cause you this trouble anymore. 

For the blogger who (I would like to keep the username private), I can’t even suggest the solutions I’ve just given above, because you’re not even my follower (unless of course you’ve already unfollowed). And if you’re still experiencing the same problem even after this action, then you’re next bet would be contacting Support.

Good luck. 


  • http://kizzylee.wordpress.com kizzylee

    i love your posts and your blog and i get them through my email, and there is no problem at all! i just get one at a time each time you post, i get the post as an email and it works perfectly, so no problem here! keep posting as i love to read your posts :) i hope you have a wonderful weekend :) xx

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Hi K! Thanks so much for these details. I am so glad that you don’t any issues with my posts. I was beginning to worry that my email followers were getting multiple entries per post. Phewww, glad that’s been cleared. :-) You have an awesome weekend, too! Just did our food shopping today.

  • http://mamacravings.wordpress.com mamacravings

    I don’t have that issue, and I follow through email as well.

    I really look forward to your posts as well. I find you delightful :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Thank you so much! Glad to hear that. Your little Eli is just so adorable. AJ would love to play with him. :-)

      • http://mamacravings.wordpress.com mamacravings

        Awww! Thank you! AJ and Eli would be great friends :)

  • lisscope

    I am following you and don’t have any problems : ) love your blog! Keep up the good work : D

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Hey Liss! that’s very good to know. By the way, I love reading your posts, too, especially because I’m learning Spanish myself. :-)

  • http://riveroftheheartblog.wordpress.com qiquan

    I only get the post from the readers, so I have no issue about that =).

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Hey KC, that’s cool! Just wanted to make sure that I am not spamming anyone, without me even knowing it. 😉 Look forward to your posts

  • http://harajukugirlfl.wordpress.com harajukugirlfl

    I’ve never received posts more than once. Odd.

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Hey girl, I’m glad to hear that. That’s the thing, I’ve never received any of my posts more than once either, so I am baffled, to say the least.

      • http://harajukugirlfl.wordpress.com harajukugirlfl

        especially if this person hasn’t even subscribed! lol

  • http://mademoisellesnow.wordpress.com Snow

    Only receiving your posts once via email~ xoxo

  • http://storybookapothecary.wordpress.com storybookapothecary

    Honestly, I have the opposite problem of not receiving your posts on time which is why I’m always so late at commenting! Blogger person needs to chillax. Just unfollow if it’s that big of a deal to you. Not need to get all negative about it. I like our supportive community and I feel like if people aren’t being constructive and kind with their concerns then they don’t have their intentions in the right place #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself x

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Right on girl! You said everything I wanted to say but just held myself back LOL. Loving the hash tag :-)

      (P.S. I’ve got something for you 😉 )

      • http://storybookapothecary.wordpress.com storybookapothecary

        Haha whatever I speak the truth! haha that’s how I roll 😉

        (P.S. oo what is it? )

        • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

          Whoaa, I knew the username of that blogger looked familiar. This person commented before when I got FP-ed and I think what she or he might have done is tick that Notify me with new comments! LOL. So that would explain the bombardment of emails and whatnot every comment I get here.

          (Will email you 😉 )

    • http://hautefrugalista.wordpress.com The Haute Frugalista

      me too!! I had to adjust my settings cause they were with all the blogs I follow frequency as never!! I was wondering if everybody had stopped blogging!! lol

      • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

        You’re too funny, Dee! haha.

      • http://storybookapothecary.wordpress.com storybookapothecary

        Haha I know right! I have to seek your guys’ blogs out! I totally agree lol x

  • http://hautefrugalista.wordpress.com The Haute Frugalista

    whoever it was, they probably just wanted attention cause thats BS! I get your posts when theyre posted. Sometines when we republish they get sent again but under the same message not like 2 separate ones. Why would anybody bring negativity or such a comment if not for attention? that person probably wanted you to name him/her and create controversy! well good you kept it private and did not send ANY trafgic there!
    Just keep been you and that he/she can go and follow another blog just not mine! lol! cause if I get a message like that I would be like: theres an ubfollow button youre more than welxome to click! Xoxo

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      I know, right? So silly. I was dumbfounded when I read it, so I checked my followers right away! Couldn’t find the person at all. Anywho, at least now I’ve learned one thing, there’s some people that just need to be completely ignored. :-)

  • http://cinnamonspring.wordpress.com/ cinnaspring

    Don’t worry Donah I only get your post updates on my WordPress reader! Also, one can always change their subscription by getting updates once a week, or daily. Obviously the person is just trying to psyche you up! I understand how distressing these kind of things can be but hey, you’re a fun blogger and you’ve got more important things to think of! 😀

  • http://rantingsoverhotchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com Devina a Lemon flavoured Jellybean

    No problem here, never had any. Perhaps is a problem with that person’s settings or something because everyone here hasn’t got a reason to pick up a pitchfork against you (not that anyone will:) You keep on posting, will let you know if something comes up 😉

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      I know right. :-( Why would someone poke this bean? LOL. Any who, glad you’re not having any issues or problem with any of my ramblings – for that matter. :-) You must be busy studying now, aren’t you? Good luck my sweet, sweet, Divine.

  • http://alesiablogs.wordpress.com alesiablogs

    Bless your heart..You have such a sensitive heart..Keep blogging and just have fun!

    • http://sweetjellybean.com AJ’s Mom

      Aw, thanks Alesia. It was good that I did this post though, since finally we found the culprit, there was indeed some technical error on Reader, and I found out when another more constructive comment was raised. oh yes, I will keep blogging, have fun at that.:-)