Be the First’s Lucky Bean!

What does it take to be Sweetjellybean’s Lucky Bean? Are you my follower, you’ve liked me on Facebook and added on Twitter? Then you’re in! But you probably want to know more details, right? I’ve got that all prepared, just for you.

Finally, my very own giveaway!  Are you ready to become the first Sweetjellybean’s Lucky Bean? 

So this giveaway is my THANK Y♥U, for being an inspiration, for the feedbacks, little chitchats,  and basically, for being part of the Bean Team!

I wanted something old school when it comes to this giveaway and tweak it a little. (Yes, I love to tweak, whenever I can!)

And since this isn’t really a one & a half (AJ) woman event, I really want you guys to participate and be involved in every way possible. And what better way to do it?

Just keep blogging! Blog with me. I could technically just eeny-meeny-miny-moe my followers and just hand over the prize to the winner, but where’s the fun in that?

So are you ready?

To be the lucky bean shining above the others in the jar, on 17th November — all you need to do is… keep blogging! Yes. This is blogging with Momma Bean with the added fun factor.

This is my version of Pick the Lucky Bean Out of the Jar! (and yes I will have a jar for this)

Important: As I want to be fair and square to every follower, old or new ones, the eligible post/s for when Likes and Comments will be taken into account, will start on this post, onwards.

You might ask, what if I’m not posting? Good question.

Although these are optional, and no blog-pressure on this at all, I decided to also give you  credit if you do the following:

  • LINK BACK TO ANY OF MY POST (not just my blog url) starting today in your blog post/s, onwards = 5 x jellybeans 
  • REBLOG ANY OF MY POST (really optional) starting today, onwards = 4 x jellybeans

Wanna bring a friend.. either from WP or from the other side of the blogosphere to join and be a Sweetjellybean follower? You’re more than welcome. And that’s 6 x jellybeans for you!

And you need not do the counting or  the worrying about your name tags, I’ll do the rest and put them all in the jar.
I will keep a tally, of course, so I can update you on who’s leading, or the top 5 beantastic followers, if you like!

The more jellybeans, the more of your name tags in the bean jar, means the more chances of  being picked out of the jar by none other than…….. AJ! (my little buddy!) It’s about time to get him hands on.

Sounds fun?

Keep reading…as there’s more for you.♥

As I really enjoy your company, I also want to give something back to those who have joined this giveaway (not just the prize I’m giving). Every 3 weeks, I will feature one blogger on my blog, share on Facebook, and Twitter.

From time to time, I will also link back  to any of  participants’ post, special mentions, etc… In fact, I do these things now, and I would do it even more.

The above will be based on how active of a bean you are in this giveaway or on my blog!

Once you become a FEATURED BLOGGER, you will automatically get 10 x jellybeans for that!!


Announcement of the winner will be a big surprise post!

So what’s the catch, I mean the prize?

Only one lucky bean will be proclaimed winner in the end. Time for goodies!

Please note that this isn’t me playing favourites with the options below, it’s basically due to different countries restrictions that I decided to do it this way – plus, I think it’s more fun!

For US followers: If you’re the lucky bean – you will get your prize from 1-800 flowers – and nooo, I won’t send you flowers, silly. (They do an array of baskets, from food, sweets, wine (cough*Jules) etc…) (psstt.. it’s a secret basket. 😉 )

For Non-US followers: If you’re the lucky bean – your prize will be one of the beauty wishboxes from (psstt.. it’s a secret box. 😉 )

*Both of these prizes will be of the same value and I will talk more about them later on.

Have I lost my mind? Not quite. I really just wanted this to be a special one, waiting might be excruciating, but isn’t it fun to look forward on to something, together? Plus Christmas is just round the corner, you know. 😉

I want you to just blog, like the way you do now, and like if you like, or comment if you want to comment, without you having to feel pressured to do so. So, if you have time to spare, blog with me.

(More giveaways will be launched alongside this, so make sure you stick with me, like glue!)

Thank you and I look forward to your entries!

Feedbacks, comments, questions, constructive criticism? Fire away!

*Special thanks to my ‘cool friend’ for her advice and Sophie for making the bean jar. *

                                              So, are you in?

Note: That linkbacks or reblog can be done to any of my posts on this blog. :-)

Eligible Posts for Likes & Comments: (so far)


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