Trending now: What’s in my makeup bag?

I’ve lost count already as to how many ‘What’s in my bag or makeup bag’ post I’ve come across online. Although, it’s always interesting to get a peek at someone’s makeup bag, isn’t it? That’s our little curiosity of wanting to know each other’s beauty secret.

After my blog-free Friday break, I decided to just take it easy on the weekends, too. And while browsing online, I came across another ‘What’s in my make up bag’ article. And this time, it’s about Nicole Scherzinger ‘s make up bag- via And since it piqued my curiosity, I started reading it. Plus this article was short and sweet, especially the basic tips she contributed, that I’m sure all of us are aware of — sleep and drink lots of water and take off your makeup before you go to sleep!

So that article inspired me in the end to do my bit on the current trend ‘What’s in my makeup bag’. And if you’ve already written about this, do share a link of your blog on the comments section so I can check it out, too.

Yes, that’s my cross-body bag – in purple (sort of). I used to just put my stuff in one of the pockets of my baby changing bag, until one day, I decided that it would be better to have a cross-body bag for easy access on my purse and other stuff. And I found this little gem!

Now for the beauty contents:

I can be a bit girly, sometimes. ha! And I love my lip balms or glosses, as you can see. I never used to carry a pressed powder before, but the one I have is an exception. Let’s just say, there’s nothing like it when it comes to loose or pressed powders – and I used to hate them.

So, from left to right:

Etude House Corset  Blush – Pink Girl
Very easy to carry around with me. And the subtle pink finish definitely appeals to me, especially because it gives me that, ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick – Elegant Purple (then change to pink-ish)
This is my new found ‘love’ and I don’t normally say that. I was very impressed when I tried this on the first time. Just glides on effortlessly, giving you that lovely, glossy finish. Some might think that it’s a lipstick – but really this is more like a lipgloss or balm or even tint. You can also build the color, if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous. So yes, this is nothing like the normal lipsticks on the market.

Etude House Miss Tangerine – Follow Me Tint # 2
I love the orange-y tone effect this gives you when you swipe it twice or three times. I’m into that orange color thing these days.

♥ Mizon OHMU Blooming Tint – Milky Pink
Every time I uses this, I always think of milk shake! LOL. Plus it almost have that strawberry milk shake smell thing going on. And since I can use this as lip tint as well as cheek blush, this is very handy.

3w Clinic Powder (used to be called Dodo Palgantong) -# 23 Original Beige
I was so glad to finally get a hold of this loose powder. This is widely used in Japan and Korea, especially by famous stars. When it comes oil-control effect, this powder definitely does the job – and really good at that.

Innisfree Mineral Spray Mist
Ok, I don’t think I can go out without this mist, especially when it’s hot and humid. This basically will bring me back to life, when I’m about to melt because it’s too hot. Imagine me going up the hill, with a pushchair, a 10kg baby plus grocery shopping! Yeah, you get my point. A spray or two, will immediately revive me. No kidding.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable – Cherish
The only non-Korean product I have here. 😛 I got curious while I was at boots when this was out. And since I had the £2 off voucher for this, I just grabbed this color. I like it, because it’s minty. Plus this was a bargain! I’ve been experimenting and doing some ombre lips with this.

My beauty night routine? My ‘I can’t live without’ Suti Cleansing balm, toned with cold water, Klair’s Soothing Serum, and Naruko’s Night Jelly (I have Tianna, to thank for this) – – then, sleep next to AJ.

There you have it, my very own beauty contents in my bag! So what’s in your bag?

Don’t forget to share your link below in the comments section so I can check yours out.

Enjoy your weekend!


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