Shopaholics, it’s time to get your cashhh back! Find out how…

Are you a smart shopper? Do you love to save when you shop? In this post, this Momma Bean will share with you all how she loves shopping online and save at the same time? Got more tips of your own?

Don’t we all love a bargain? Of course, we do!

I’ve lost count as to how many shopping alerts I get every day. Some, I really look out for, while others, I have no idea why I signed up for it in the first place! But, you can’t help but click those type of emails!  And before you know it,  you’re hovering at a clothing site, mesmerize by those lovely dresses, trendy tops, and fashionable jeans. That’s it, we’re trapped! *sigh

So, are you a smart shopper? Do you have many tricks up your sleeves to save more, every time you shop? I am sure, you do.

In this post, this Momma Bean is going to share with you how she saves a little while splurging shopping online. Because online shopping has never been easy and so convenient in this day and age. Agree?

It’s my ‘go to’ hub when I know that the weather would be pouring for the whole week. And that happens almost every week here in the UK!  Plus, you can now buy literally anything online, at great competitive prices. What more can a Mom on a budget ask for?

Where do I shop online?

One of the shopping sites I use is Kidstart.  And before you back away and tell me, but I don’t have kids, you silly woman!… well, shopaholic, this one is for you, too. Kidstart is one of those cashback sites that have hundreds of different retailers on board, and basically, when you shop via this site, you get some cashhh back!
If you’re skeptical about sites like this, I don’t blame you. I felt the same way before, too. But this site is certainly different from the sites I’ve signed up before.

So far, I received a total of £100 back from all the online purchases I did,  especially when I was preparing for AJ’s arrival. It might not sound a huge amount of money, but who gives you £100 back anyway just because you went shopping?? Exactly. So if you’re going to splurge, might as well do it here and get something back, right? And you can either save it, or treat yourself once more!

So how does it work?

Simple. You browse, buy and bank! That’s the 3 B’s!

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3, no kidding!

Important: You must be over 18 and a UK resident. Only one membership per person is allowed.

Once you’re a member, voilà! you can now shop, and also have access to discount codes or vouchers that are exclusive to members only.

  • Browse
    Use the site to browse hundreds of your favourite shops and brands
  • Buy
    Click through to the retailer’s site and shop like you normally would
  • Bank
    You’ll usually get an email from Kidstart the next morning saying that they’ve put money in your Kiddybank! To find out more – check this link.

And that’s it! Once the savings in your Kiddybank have reached £10, you’ll get this amount straight into your Kidstart registered bank account at the end of each month. (More money to spend!) 

However, if you prefer to see your savings grow without it going straight to your bank account at £10 (minimum amount of when it gets automatically transferred), you can do so! Just changed your transfer settings. I did this before.  And just before the end of the month, I changed it back as savings to be transferred. AJ and I had  an extra £50 to spend that month! Isn’t this a great way to save, while you shop?

And with all the exclusive vouchers you get, you certainly will double up your savings, too! This site is, in no doubt, purse-friendly. Want to know what brands they have on board?

I’ve just picked the shops in random just to give you an example. I can’t possibly write everything down here. :-s  But, you’re more than welcome to visit the site and peruse the Category list to give you an idea of where you shop, and save.

From fashion, beauty, automotive, insurance, travel, supermarkets, food and drinks, computers, mobile phones, to entertainment etc…- Kidstart has ’em all!

Note: the x  % amount tells you how much savings you will get back from your purchases. Please visit Kidstart for more details.

♥ Fashio )

√ Ebay (!) – get 15% back of Ebay Revenue on purchases at Ebay Fashion (update: Ebay is no longer on Kidstart :-()

(if only I realized sooner that they also have Ebay on board, I would have saved so much more!)

√ Forever21 – get 4 %

√ Miss Selfridge – get 3.5%

√ New Look (!) – get 4.5 %

√ Republic – get 4 %

√ Ugg – get 3%

√ White Stuff – get 3.5%

√ Office – get 4%

♥ Health and Beauty
√ Boots –  get 3.5 % is one of the most popular sites – (and this is definitely one of the best sites since you get Kidstart savings plus you earn Advantage Card points!)

√ Avon – get 6%

√ The Body Shop – get 6 %

√ Look Fantastic – get 3.5%

√ QVC – get 3.5%

 √ House of Fraser – get 3.5% online or offline!! (yes, you can also get savings if you use your Kidstart registered debit or credit card to shop in store! – How cool is that?)

From this Momma Bean’s point of view, this site is definitely a smart way to save for your kids. And not only for us parents, but also for everyone, who loves to shop ’til you drop!

For T&C’s please click here. 

Here’s another experience of mine last year being a Kistart member. I purchased my first ever Contents Insurance through Kidstart with RAC. I paid approx. £80 for a 12-month insurance, but since I was a new RAC customer buying via Kidstart, I received £28 cashhh back! Isn’t that great? I certainly would not be able to do that anywhere else.

I am not very sure if there’s a site similar to this in the US or in other countries, but if there are, please feel free to share below.  I am more than happy to put a link of these sites in this post plus a shout out of your blog! We need to share these saving tips to everyone! Better yet, why not write a post of saving tips you think might help your readers and also link back to this post? Let all the saving tips get connected!

There you have it, just one little trick up my sleeves!

Why not check the site out and see what you think? Visit

…think SHOP? …think SAVE!

More shopping tips:
(Tried and tested.)
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