A yummy post…

Thursday is rather slow today. It feels like I could hear the clock ticking.

While I was browsing my files on my Mac, in the hope that I could get them organized, I came across some of the photos I took before.

As a result, I’ve put them all together using none other than Pixlr Express to present them to you.

So, this is another short and sweet post of mine that I would like to share with you. 

Giving you a glimpse of the foods that have a very special place in my heart.

(P.S. What foods do you love?)

I’m not an expert cook, but I love to experiment in the kitchen.

Main picture: Rice & Prawn dish (with chinese mushrooms and baby spinach)
Top to bottom: Cheerios breakfast cereal (we both love this cereal), Noodles with fried egg, sliced pickled radish & spring onions, Chips! (or you can call it chubby french fries LOL), Beef tofu soup (my improvised dish of my favourite Korean dish – AJ loves this so much), Fresh & crunchy salad.

Now, time to whip up something for dinner. How’s chicken pasta with Italian herb sauce sound to you?


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