Something Sweet: What’s for dessert, Momma Bean?

We’re about to say ‘buh-bye, Sunday’  from this side of the world. So, I thought that I’ll take it easy on you with my ramblings, and serve  you up with ‘something sweet’ instead!

And what’s the best way to do it?

Desserts! Of course! It’s all about our the fab fave desserts! Well, most of them are my favourites… ha ha.

Now then, let’s start with going fruity, shall we? Get ready for some virtual treats coming your way!

♥Mangoes.  Just irresistible. Brings back a lot of my childhood memories in my hometown, where mangoes were an abundance. Morning, afternoon, even in the evening, we served ’em up on a platter — cutting them in cubes, just like the above. Good times!

♥Watermelon. Simply a mouth-watering fruit, or vegetable — related to cucumber, squash and pumpkin. Lovely on a hot, summery day! AJ loves this with a passion!

Cornish Clotted Ice cream. The creamiest and yummiest ice cream you’ll ever going to get! And yes, I went a little bit crazy with sprinkles right there. LOL.

♥Cupcakes? Lemon meringue? Both have a special place in my heart. They go very well with my hot drink, barley tea.

And last, but certainly not the least, won’t be complete without jellybeans! Little yummy treats that would bring a smile to your day. Go on, give yourself a treat. You deserve one jelly bean, at least!

Sweet dreams from this side of the world, good morning, and good afternoon to the rest of you all!

Note: “Something Sweet” is inspired by my amazing blogger friend, Dee! Thanks so much. Don’t forget to join her Thrilling Threads Thursday if you want a fun challenge and be featured on her blog! I joined already!


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