Giveaway Update: A Lucky Bean Surprise!

Well, hello there! Remember my giveaway? Yes, that’s right. Sweetjellybean’s first ever giveaway – The Lucky Bean. There’s only going to be one lucky bean out of the beantastic bloggers, and here’s an update for you all!

And a special shout out to the recently converted JB gals — you know who you are 😉

Now then, I have two things for you: the not-so-good news, and the good news. 

This Momma Bean will be taking a blog break for a few days. Reason being, I’m sick and my little guy is also teething. He needs lots of TLC, more cuddles, and rest, along with me. I won’t be making a ruckus on Twitter and on Facebook like I normally do, but my blog won’t be as quiet since I already have things scheduled automatically. It’s only the chattering that would quiet down a little.  I didn’t want you to think that I’ve ‘left the building’ or something, so I thought I’d let you know. :-)

As for the good news…

I’ve been meaning to share the table of  beantastic bloggers  with you for some time now, so you’ll know who’s leading the bean jar! Wohoo!

Remember my giveaway? Yeah. I’m sure some of you might have forgotten all about it already, which is understandable. The whole idea of this giveaway was for you to blog with me whenever you have the time and/or because you want to! And don’t worry, I’ve been counting your jellybeans diligently. I even made a tally table to prevent myself from missing any jellybeans! LOL

(Likes & Comments = jellybeans = name tags = chances of winning!)

Warning: There’s a high chance that you might go cross-eyed just looking at this. So, I wouldn’t encourage you to peruse the table, and if you do, just remember that I did warn ya! 😉


Liss at is currently leading the bean jar and has more chances to become the Lucky Bean! But you never know, it could be you, you, or you in the end! 

Did you know that I have 535 name tags to make…already?! I know! I need reinforcement! Luckily, one might arrive in November, so I have to take that opportunity.

I must say, I’m very pleased — no, scratch that—I’m way over the moon with all the entries I got so far!  I introduced this giveaway for the fun factor, and you guys have raised it up to the highest level. For that, thank you very much.

As I’m also aware that things can get hectic when Christmas is just round the corner and we start on a wrapping frenzy with gifts, I decided to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT a bit earlier. And it’s all going to be a surprise, out of the blue, post! Don’t you just love surprises! My early Christmas present for you! 

I’ll soon announce a cut off date when I will stop counting jellybeans, so I can have enough time to put them all in the jar. Stay tuned on Twitter or Facebook as it will be posted there, not here.

That’s it for now. Have a great week everyone! Keep calm and enjoy blogging! :-)



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