Let the moments speak for themselves…

Happy weekend everyone! It’s a bright Saturday morning from this side of the world, for a change! AJ and I would like to share something with you all, and hope it brightens up your day even more.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this.  So, today, when I woke up and saw my little boy sleeping soundly next to me, I decided to put something together that I can share with you here. It’s been a journey, I must say. But I know motherhood has still so many things in store for me, and my little family.

For now though, here are the some of the moments I’ve kept very close to my heart…

Guess where we headed for his first day out? Muffin Break! My favourite hang out when I was pregnant — a place where my hot coco and muffins live. :-)

Can you tell that he loves Shrek? And yes, that’s his Daddy when he came to visit us last year. AJ wasn’t even walking yet.

Yes, that’s his first Christmas ball, Santa Bear, and his birthday balloon! And of course his first birthday few months ago, with the cake I bought and decorated. It was a pretty low key birthday, but it was still good. We got to spend it with his Dad virtually.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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