Meet the girls & their favourite cleansers!

From Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, to Canada, I bring you the lovely ladies, who are very sweet to join this one-time only featured post on “What’s your favourite facial cleanser?” Why not join us?


Such a privilege to be able present to you these six lovely bloggers from all over the world. They’ve been very kind and shared some of their beauty secrets with this Momma Bean, and now I’m going to share them with all of you! Don’t forget to give these girlies your love and support and visit their blogs.  

In their own words, they’ll let us know why these cleansers have won their hearts! And we never know, it might capture ours!

Let’s all find out!

Here comes the girls!


Alia, Canada
Product: Homemade Goat’s Milk Soap with green clay

My favorite cleanser is my homemade goat’s milk soap with green clay.  When I started making the switch into more natural products, I tried quite a few different cleansers.  This soap is a gentle cleanser, perfect for my face!  Click here to check one of the posts I wrote on this soap.

It’s possible to buy Goat’s Milk soap in my town. Any of the health food stores would have it. Alternatively, it’s easy to make your own!


KJ, Norway
Product: Ren Fryd Cleanser

My favorite cleanser is a cleanser produced by my Aunt. She makes her own beauty products for sale. To date she distributes and sells her products in Norway. You can buy her products via her website –

I think it´s a wonderful feel to her products, because they have a personal touch. It´s the smell, the design, and work that makes me think of her.


Diana, Philippines
Product: Lush Fresh Farmacy

My favorite facial cleanser is LUSH Fresh Farmacy. I’m focusing on my acne problems and Fresh Farmacy did some wonders. I love it because it’s suited for sensitive skin. It prevents pimples and it dries existing pimples faster than the other cleansers that I’ve used. It soothes my skin and it lessens the redness of my pimples. No more pimples, thanks to this cleanser. :)


Crystal, Nevada
Product: Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away

I love this foaming facial cleanser. It has a great smell, which sometimes can be overpowering, but it’s so subtle that it’s not bothersome. It really gets the job done!

After cleansing I feel squeaky clean! But not dry! It definitely helps to balance my skin, which adds to the reasons why I love it! It also removes all of my makeup in one step! Making it very convenient when I don’t have the time for that extra step! A little goes a long way so the tube lasts for a while.

Estée Lauder is available worldwide. I have tried most of their other cleansers and the Perfectly Clean is by far my favorite. Here in the USA it retails for $20.


Lisa, Australia
Product: Christian Dior Purifying Cleanser

My favourite is, of course, going to be a Dior product! How can it not be?
I’ve been using this for two years now. It’s not too foamy when you put it on. It’s gentle on the skin and is suitable for normal to combination skin, as well as sensitive skin, like me. It’s got crystal iris extract and leave the skin feeling velvety soft after use. And it only leaves a faint scent behind, which is refreshing. You only need a little bit each day so it lasts a while.

You can buy this from most department stores, otherwise at, when they have a sale on.


Airi, California
Product: DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil

I like using DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil because of how effortlessly it removes all of my base makeup. It does such a great job that I can even skip cleansing again afterwards, which risks overdrying my skin. No surprise that this is a bestseller in Japan!

>>Check out this product here — —  rated 4.9 (out of 135 reviews!) Wow!

And of course, how can this Momma Bean not share her favourite cleanser with you all? This is Suti Cleansing balm. My ‘I can’t live without’ cleanser. This cleansing balm not only cleanses but also provide you that refreshing feeling, a perfect treat for those who need a ‘lift’ after a tiring day, while it retains the moisture, essential for your skin. 

Don’t forget to check these girlies blogs, or drop them a line or two, if you want to know more about their favourite cleanser featured here. 

And stay tuned for more details on my fave cleansing balm, as it will come with a giveaway!  How’s that for a finale?

So, what’s your favourite cleanser? And tell us why? We’d love to know. 


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