From Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, to Canada, I bring you the lovely ladies, who are very sweet to join this one-time only featured post on “What’s your favourite facial cleanser?” Why not join us?


Such a privilege to be able present to you these six lovely bloggers from all over the world. They’ve been very kind and shared some of their beauty secrets with this Momma Bean, and now I’m going to share them with all of you! Don’t forget to give these girlies your love and support and visit their blogs.  

In their own words, they’ll let us know why these cleansers have won their hearts! And we never know, it might capture ours!

Let’s all find out!

Here comes the girls!


Alia, Canada
Product: Homemade Goat’s Milk Soap with green clay

My favorite cleanser is my homemade goat’s milk soap with green clay.  When I started making the switch into more natural products, I tried quite a few different cleansers.  This soap is a gentle cleanser, perfect for my face!  Click here to check one of the posts I wrote on this soap.

It’s possible to buy Goat’s Milk soap in my town. Any of the health food stores would have it. Alternatively, it’s easy to make your own!


KJ, Norway
Product: Ren Fryd Cleanser

My favorite cleanser is a cleanser produced by my Aunt. She makes her own beauty products for sale. To date she distributes and sells her products in Norway. You can buy her products via her website –

I think it´s a wonderful feel to her products, because they have a personal touch. It´s the smell, the design, and work that makes me think of her.


Diana, Philippines
Product: Lush Fresh Farmacy

My favorite facial cleanser is LUSH Fresh Farmacy. I’m focusing on my acne problems and Fresh Farmacy did some wonders. I love it because it’s suited for sensitive skin. It prevents pimples and it dries existing pimples faster than the other cleansers that I’ve used. It soothes my skin and it lessens the redness of my pimples. No more pimples, thanks to this cleanser. 🙂


Crystal, Nevada
Product: Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away

I love this foaming facial cleanser. It has a great smell, which sometimes can be overpowering, but it’s so subtle that it’s not bothersome. It really gets the job done!

After cleansing I feel squeaky clean! But not dry! It definitely helps to balance my skin, which adds to the reasons why I love it! It also removes all of my makeup in one step! Making it very convenient when I don’t have the time for that extra step! A little goes a long way so the tube lasts for a while.

Estée Lauder is available worldwide. I have tried most of their other cleansers and the Perfectly Clean is by far my favorite. Here in the USA it retails for $20.


Lisa, Australia
Product: Christian Dior Purifying Cleanser

My favourite is, of course, going to be a Dior product! How can it not be?
I’ve been using this for two years now. It’s not too foamy when you put it on. It’s gentle on the skin and is suitable for normal to combination skin, as well as sensitive skin, like me. It’s got crystal iris extract and leave the skin feeling velvety soft after use. And it only leaves a faint scent behind, which is refreshing. You only need a little bit each day so it lasts a while.

You can buy this from most department stores, otherwise at, when they have a sale on.


Airi, California
Product: DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil

I like using DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil because of how effortlessly it removes all of my base makeup. It does such a great job that I can even skip cleansing again afterwards, which risks overdrying my skin. No surprise that this is a bestseller in Japan!

>>Check out this product here — —  rated 4.9 (out of 135 reviews!) Wow!

And of course, how can this Momma Bean not share her favourite cleanser with you all? This is Suti Cleansing balm. My ‘I can’t live without’ cleanser. This cleansing balm not only cleanses but also provide you that refreshing feeling, a perfect treat for those who need a ‘lift’ after a tiring day, while it retains the moisture, essential for your skin. 

Don’t forget to check these girlies blogs, or drop them a line or two, if you want to know more about their favourite cleanser featured here. 

And stay tuned for more details on my fave cleansing balm, as it will come with a giveaway!  How’s that for a finale?

So, what’s your favourite cleanser? And tell us why? We’d love to know. 

  • Yay! Mine is supposed to be here, too! LOL All the products here are unfamiliar to me. Does this mean I’m not really into taking care of my skin? hehehe! =))

    • hahaha, as long as ok ra imo skin, then it shouldn’t be a prob. although taking care of it is much better 😉

      • My skin used to be OK. But when I reached my 20s, pimples started to emerge from my face, and these pimples left ugly scars. I mean, the scars are dark. Huhuhu! Pangit kaayo tan-awn. =.=

  • Alia

    Awesome post! I love the variety in everyone’s favorite cleansers! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Thanks Alia! and thank you for your contribution. Really appreciate it. You, too, have a good weekend!

  • Very informative, thank you 🙂

  • Loved the post 🙂 My aunt will appreciate the mention! KJ x

    • Thank you so much KJ 🙂 You’re more than welcome to write a review of the product you contributed here on this post and tag this post along. 🙂

  • Awesome!
    The Clarences

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  • There’s so many stuff out there, it’s a wonder we actually find a couple that suits us! Have a good night, D (do you mind?) 🙂

  • Ooh I love Lush! However, that goats milk soap intrigues me…I may have to look into that one!

  • Oh, what a fun read! It’s nice to see what everyone uses! I have to admit though, I might have goofed here…!! When you first told me about this you mentioned cleansing wipes, which led me to think you meant cleanser as in makeup remover! Mine is technically a makeup remover… >.< Oopsie…Although I do know of an ajusshi that uses it as his daily cleanser, lol~

    • hehhe, don’t worry Airi! You definitely introduced us, especially me, to this new DHC product that I never knew existed. I’m now a big fun of oils and balms, so I might actually try this product out, thanks to you! 😉

      I think I know who’s this ajusshi you’re talking about. ahahah

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Love your blog! 🙂

    I’ve just started blogging over at Perhaps you’d be kind enough to have a look? Would be so appreciative, thanks in advance ♥

    Ps. I’m following your blog!

  • Hi D, thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see what other people use and it’s all about finding what suits your skin type 🙂

  • I loved this post! It’s nice to see what the other girls are using. I’m especially intrigued about the homemade goats milk. xoxo

  • My favorite cleansers are DHC Deep Cleansing oil and Bifesta cleansers.

  • My favourite cleansers are Lush Ultrabland and Lush Fresh Farmarcie.

    • See, I knew there was another Lush lover here. 😉 I must really check this brand. Thanks for sharing, Kelly. 🙂

      • You should, it’s an amazing brand I can’t live without, I try to post a Lush product review every week, we’ll see how it works, so far I’ve already reviewed quite some Lush products so you might want to check those out 😉

  • Hey D! really like the post, mmm not sure about the goats milk soup, I’m sure is great, just not sure anything about goat…I use The Bobbi brown soothing cleansing oil or the lathering tube soap! they are sooo great!
    I hope little one is feeling better with the his teeth!
    Big hug! <3

  • ohhh wow!!! cannot believe I wasnt invited to be part of this!! not happy 🙁 in any case, eventhough I was left out (probably cause Im Colombian LOL), I must say how cool!! I love the idea of having tips from around the world! these girls kick butt!!

    • hahahaha, Dee! You’re going to get me into trouble LOL. Don’t worry, I have something just for you 😉 Yes, these girls kick butt, definitely!

  • kofykat

    damn this stuff looks lovely

  • Noone using good ‘ol Johnson & Johnson? :p Hehhee great post Donah!

  • lovely post ! x

  • Such a shame my favourite isn’t there! You should definitely check out Savonnerie London bath and body, amazing!
    Erica xo

    • Hi Erica! I definitely will check out this brand you’re suggesting here. I’m still planning to do a featured post at some point this month for face mask, so if you have any favourites, you’re more than welcome to join! 😉

  • I was thinking about getting Lush’s ones for cleaning away the dark spots.
    I have a cleanser that I don’t like much but I’m trying to finish, it’s the tea tree mousse from Boots (which for non UK people who may don’t know it, it’s a pharmacy and beauty chain). My skin is really hard to satisfy, maybe one day I’ll have an absolute favourite to share too 🙂

    • Hello there! I’ve never tried any of Lush’s products myself, I’ve been meaning to grab one, perhaps one of those Fun ones?

      Oh, I’m in the UK so yes I think I know which one you meant from Boots. Perhaps you’d want to try something different as a cleanser, like the Suti Balm I featured here! You can get a sample to try (if u don’t want to splurge on a full size) via at – this is one of my HG products 🙂

      xx D

      • That’s great news. I love samples, I always feel bad throwing away something because I had to buy full sized.

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