Dr. Organic Vitamin E Serum for Scars & Stretch Marks Review, Photos

After sporting a burgeoning bump for 9 months, stretch marks were inevitable for me. Rub after rub, and bottles after bottles of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter day and night, only to end up in disappointment. So, after almost two years of trying to find ‘the one’ I thought I might as well stick to a normal skin lotion and just get over it. Until I came across Dr. Organic Vitamin E Scar & Stretch Mark Serum.

With the name, you would probably think of it as a watery substance without peeking inside but you’ll be surprised that it’s actually a very thick and rich cream.

As I had very little faith in stretch marks creams or oils due to many disappointing experiences, I really didn’t expect much from this cream.  Until I noticed the difference, in a good way!

This serum (cream) comes in a squeezable tube packaging, which is convenient when you want the last blob of cream to come out! You don’t want to waste one single blob, I can tell you that much.

You might think that 50ml is not a lot, but wait until you see the swatches below and the saying, ‘a little goes a long way’ for this cream is an understatement.

Also I used this tube pretty much after about 5 weeks of non-stop creaming day and night and I think it’s because I was very generous when it comes to my belly. Take it as me trying to speed up the process of vanishing those nasty-looking streaks, and whether this method would really speed it up, one can only hope.

So when you think about it, 50ml lasting for 5 weeks of non-stop usage, is reasonable enough.

For those who are curious about the ingredients, check below. All-natural and organic ingredients combined in one tube to bring you a smoother and streak-free skin!

At first I wasn’t sure what smell to expect from a cream enriched with tocopherol (Vitamin E), but the combination of ingredients in this little tube gave that ripe banana scent, when you’re peeling the fruit open. I know! I can get very specific with smell sometimes. ;-)

It also has a very faint Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter aroma. Basically, it’s not overpowering nor distracting once applied, which is one of the things I like about this cream.

 Hydrating • Restoring • Regenerating • Protecting

It has a light magnolia-ish color. This tocopherol enriched cream aims to instantly nourish and regenerate, restoring the skins natural moisture levels to give scars and stretch marks a smoother, more toned and radiant appearance.


Remember what I said above about ‘a little goes a long way’ for this cream is an understatement?

Well, just check out the swatches above and how a small blob could have done the job here. You need to smear the cream thoroughly so it gets absorbed completely, leaving no residue. To be fair, I did go overboard here with the swatches! I didn’t mean to, the big blob just came out! It looks like I’ve just painted my skin white.:-D

But that shows you that you only need a little to start, and just put more as you go along.

Nevertheless, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no sticky feeling afterwards or feeling greasy either.

Organic Vitamin E Scar & Stretch Mark Cream can be used on:

  • Scars
  • Reducing and preventing stretch marks
  • Extremely dry skin conditions
  • Pregnancy massage cream
  • After sun treatment
  • Blemished skin

Now I must say that I’ve only used Dr Organic’s Vit. E Scar & Stretch Mark Serum around my belly to focus on my stretch marks, so whether this could end up clogging your pores when used on your face as a moisturiser (especially for sensitive skin), I wouldn’t really know.

Noticed that very visible difference? Before shows my hand looks rather dry and dehydrated, while After is quite the opposite.


Reasons why you would love this product or Dr. Organic’s range even more…


I can definitely say that this cream is by far the only one that showed me positive results. Results that are not only felt but can be seen by the naked eye. Don’t get me wrong, my stretch marks have not completely disappeared, but after using this cream for over a month religiously:

  • The well-defined stretch marks especially around my belly button now feel smoother to touch and less visible
  • Skin feels softer and moisturised compare to being dry before even when I was using the oil or another stretch mark cream
  • My eczema on my belly vanished!

One might say the price of £8.19 is too much, but bear in mind that you only need a little. Make sure to go on a look out for bargain deals at Holland and Barrett and don’t miss it like me! I completely missed their Buy 1 Get 1 half price just by a day!

Winter is upon as folks and especially for those who suffer with dry skin that gets even worst with the cold plus heating at home, you need to stock up your skincare stash to keep the moisture in and look even more beautiful this season.


Q: What’s you favourite scar or stretch mark cream? Any disappointing experience about a hyped up product that you’ve used but failed you?


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  • Oh wow! This is extremely interesting. I have a little scars from acne I’d like to eliminate. I’m using another oil named Bio oil, but it is not completely nature as this one! I wanna try it! Hope I can buy in Italy! thanks bellezza

  • This is fabulous! I’ve been using Biotherm but it’s a tad expensive to use bottle after bottle though. But it works slowly :p but it’s not as natural as this one. :D

      • The one I’ve been using helps get rid of cellulite and stretch marks and helps slimming. But that only works if you’re using it right after your sessions. But it dries quickly and has a slight shimmer to it. It’s noticeable after a couple of months of use though. Think I did a review some time ago :p xoxo

  • Thanks so much for this review, I really like the sound of this products. Im always searching for products for my stretch marks!! :) bio oil has only worked up to a certain point, will deffo be on the look out for this and it really does look like a little goes a long way


  • Great review D! when I was pregnant I used Bio Oil a lot! but I don’t think that any of this products really works, I think is more of genetics, some women don’t get any stretch marks at all and have more than one baby, soo lucky!! ^^
    But I would be looking for this in Holland & Barrett as it had such a good results in you : )
    Can wait to try!
    Big hug <3

    • Oh Liss, i did the same thing. Palmers, Bio Oil, everything I could find. :-( Still it didn’t work. And yes I completely understand about genetics, as I’ve read about it. Lucky women! hahah. But this cream is worth a try Liss, definitely. I’m on my second tube now and my eczema that came back after I stopped (heating and cold upsets it!) is now fading again after I’ve applied this cream. Let me know if you did decide :-)

  • There are not many product that I trust that are available to me where I am. I tried cocoa butter (your Palmers) but alas, it doesn’t work. I’ve marks on my hips after loosing a lot of weight suddenly two years ago and the would not take a hike already! I wonder if this is available on amazon … Any who, thanks for the heads up, there might still be hope for me. ;)

    • Hi my sugary friend! Sorry for the late reply. Yes this could be a hope for you. After I saw the difference after the first bottle I bought, I thought that I defining will buy the next one. Hun, if you want this, let me know and I’ll be happy to post this for you :). This is only available at Holland and Barrett and they ship in the UK only I think :( I’m sure shipping won’t be big as its light.

        • Don’t ever thing you’re bugging me my sweet friend! You know where to find me, so any time you need it or any products you don’t have over there, give me a buzz. ok? Yes, St. Ives is good, too! Although I’ve not used the collagen one. I must see if they’re all organic since the last time I used it, I didn’t even care what was in it, as long as it was a face scrub :-s. I tell ya, I was terrible before. :-(

  • Now stretch marks is an issue I am hoping to avoid for a good few years yet but I have try using bio oil for scars in the past and practically seen no result. It was annoying since it costs an absolute FORTUNE to buy bio oil and all it did was leave greasy marks on my clothes! I may make a mental note of this one for future reference though!

  • Thanks for this very thorough review. I hadn’t heard of this brand before but happened to be in a Holland & Barrett yesterday and picked up their organic aloe vera gel for hubby so with this great recommendation I may just go back for this vitamin e serum for my scars & super dry winter skin.

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  • I recommend Dr Organic’s vitamin E products all day and every day. This stuff is great. I have been using the vitamin E cream on my face for just over 2 months now and I am very happy with the results. My skin Is now radiant, blemish free and as soft as a baby’s bottom, hahaha. I also find that my foundation gives me a flawless finish when I apply it after using this cream.
    I never use to go out with out make up on but now my skin looks so healthy i feel much more confident and have been out on a couple of occasions with out any make up on at all.
    After reading your review D I will defo be trying the Dr Organic scar and stretch mark serum. Thanks so much for the heads up x

    • Hi Ria! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with Dr Organic’s products. I’ve recently just started using their range but I’m already loving it! I’m definitely going to check the Vitamin E cream one. I’m using their Argan range at the moment, have you tried it yet?

      Already running out of the serum cream!!! I so wish they’d make a bigger version of this since 50ml is definitely not enough for me! haha.

      Do let me know how you get on, and stop by again since I have a few giveaways of Dr O’s products ;-)

      xx D

  • I have been using the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Cream for about 5 weeks. i feel an improvement in texture and a slight improvement in the visual aspect. My stretch marks (breast , upper thigh /hip area) weren’t to bad to began with and are from having a child 9 years ago. I do have a rather sensitive sense of smell and while it doesn’t smell pleasant it’s not to strong and goes away pretty quickly. I have been using this product as directed and will continue for the recommended 12weeks.

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  • i ordered a scar reducing cream from england and my sister sent me dr organic vit e cream i came here to check reviews, its also from holland and baret ive been using it for about a week now no dramatic results but i wont stop using it because i have hope in it, its made my skin very smooth silky also i love the fact its not greasy, before this i was using palmers skin success even tone fading cream, far too strong for my liking defonatly worked but as with all palmers products left me with tiny spots on my face at the areas i used it on it doesnt work for scars but does fade dark skin.

  • Hi! It is really good to find this post because i wonder how good this product.. thankyou so much!
    Anyway, can i use it on my face? Because it says “suitable for use all over the body”? *i wonder*

    • Hi Mona, you’re welcome! Yes, you can definitely use this on your face. Just a heads up though that this is quite rich/heavy so I would start with a small amount. Heavy creams tend to break me out but I know a friend who used this on her face for her acne scars and it worked really well. Let me know how you get on. :)

  • Thank you so much for this review! Most especially, because I see the Scar & Vit E creams works for Eczema; which I’ve recently developed due to stress. I’m about to order the Argan Oil, and Mineral face wash, as well as the Vit E & Stretch Mark oil. If there are any other product lines you can recommend, please feel free to share. I noticed that there’s also an Aloe range; not sure how effective it is as but figure I’ll start with what I need the most and that’s the Argan oil and Vit E cream for my Eczema as there’s no other cream that seems to work for it in South Africa.

    I’ll definitely take before and after pics to share, once I’ve begun using the cream.

    • Hi Mercy

      You’re very welcome. I hope the cream helps with your eczema just like it did on mine. I also love their Argan Oil range, especially the hair serum – it smells good and does good. I’ve not tried their Aloe range yet. Definitely Argan range and Vit E cream for now.

      Hope it all works out. xx Donah

  • How are your stretch marks now? Are you still using the Vitamin E Serum fro Scars and Stretch marks? Do you have an before and after picture from your Stretch marks?

    • Hi there, I’m no longer using this product unfortunately. I can’t comment on whether it’s faded my stretch marks since I didn’t get the chance to closely monitor the progress. I might get this cream again if I can find this in the US and will update. Thanks! x


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