It’s that time again folks of Round ‘Em Up before we completely kiss the month of September and wave at it goodbye! Wow, it’s really going pretty quick, don’t you think? What’s that about? Someone seems to be rushing towards Christmas. And I was so shocked that I just had to take a pic the other day when I saw the array of Christmas cards in town, along with Christmas gift wrappers!

So, just in case some of you were inundated with email alerts from other blogs you follow and completely missed this Momma Bean’s posts, I’ve collated every September post just for you! Feel free to peruse and browse around, my beantastic friends.

Simply click any image and this will link you up to the original post. 😉


Congratulations to Alia and Saran for winning my Suti range giveaway!

And to Mari for being the lucky pick by none other than AJ!

Oh, before you go, I thought I’d announce here that the cut off date for when I will stop counting beans for the Lucky Bean Giveaway is the end of October! Yay! I need time to count all these beans you know, and luckily, help is on his way! That’s it for now. See you in October!

Do you have any plans for October? Any goals you would like to achieve for your blog? Feel free to share. 

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  • such a cool roundup!! cant wait for october!! xoxo

  • Where has September gone!!!??? I can’t believe tomorrow is October! Thank you for all of your lovely posts this month!

    • I know! I was shocked hahah but then again when Christmas is almost near, everything goes so quick for me, I’m not sure what it is. Aww, and thank you for always giving me your support, really appreciate it! Hope uni is all good for you. 😉

      • Haha that’s true! You’re welcome! Officially have my first lecture tomorrow! At 4 :/ what a stupid time!

        • At 4?? like pm? What’s with the time?

          • Yep, 4pm! I’d much rather get up and have a 9 o’clock start to get it over with! I’m not happy to be waiting around all day to start at 4! Luckily it is only for one hour , I don’t like being in lectures past 5!

            • Awww, that is a stupid time hun! hahha. It’s like you want to do things but then you have this 4pm waiting for you LOL. Oh yeah, I had the same feeling about being in lecture past 5pm before hahah

              • Yeah I know 😕 never mind, going out for a meal tomorrow after uni so that makes it better 🙂

  • Time flies so fast doesn’t it? My little girl is almost 5 and it seems lilke we just brought her home not long ago. 🙂

    I came across your blog from the I love my post Blog Hop!
    I’d love for you to visit me at

    • Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by my blog and glad you found me at the blog hop! Just visited your blog and I’ll be browsing more 😉

  • Love!
    The Clarences

  • September went by so fast! Love the round up 😀

  • Can’t believe we are in October already. Thank you for featuring me i September and I can’t wait to see who will be featured this month 🙂

    • You know I said the same thing today, too!It’s October and OMG! hahaha. Yes, I’ll be announcing the October Featured Blogger soon, stay tuned goddess of cupcakes! 😉

  • Congrats to Marinella !!! 😀

  • Ok, I’m Mari and I’m very happy Aj took my name. As I wrote on facebook, this the first time I win something and the idea that a little guy helped me, makes me even happier…I think it is a good way to start winning hahahah! baci bellezza

    • Mari, it was definitely a fun one giveaway! My AJ seemed to enjoy participating which he will be doing again in my next one for the Lucky Bean! I’ll see how that would pan out though LOL.

  • love your pics! x

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