Something Fun: It’s Monday, So Grab These Bags With Your Girl Friend!


And joining a competition with one of my girl friends in mind would be another way to do it and have fun!

Mondays are supposed to be no-blogging day for me, (I asked my hubby to sort out my schedule LOL) but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by when I saw this ongoing competition on Facebook. And I thought of KJ from when I saw the bags. You never know, we might get lucky and get these bags!  So for the next six days I will be tweeting, sharing and doing all the extras for this competition — like one crazy-about-the-bags lady, along with her friend! haha.

In fact, why not join us?  And win a bag for you and your friend! Let’s take our chances on this Rafflecopter and cross all our fingers (and toes!)

Simply click the image above and you’ll be taken to the giveaway on Facebook.

Have fun girl friends and good luck!

Happy Monday!

*For the GIG girlies, you know who you are ;-)* 


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