Another yummy post…

It’s Monday! And what’s the best way to start your day (well to some)? Food! Of course.
I’m turning into an early bird these days (waking up around 5am!), too early of a bird if I’m being honest. So I thought of putting this post together to cheer everyone up and give you ideas on what you should treat yourself this week. To be honest, I’m posting this so you can ogle and then drool! hahah.
So here we go, let’s have a look at some of the foods I had over the week and tell me if the foods are yay or nay!
Have a bright Monday morning, sunny afternoon and lovely evening everyone.
Food, glorious food heavy post!

Made by yours truly…

Jacket potato with prawns & side salad… from my fave Spinning Wheel Restaurant!

Prawns & boiled veggies, Thai chili fish, Sushi

If it’s bolognese, that’s amore! (My Dad’s speciality dish)

Can you guess all these yummy treats?

Banana Berry-licious! It’s berry, berry yummy! (from Muffin Break cafe)

And lastly, say ahh…

My favourite chicken cran-brie panini from Muffin Break

*InstaCollage & Instagram were used to put these pics together. You should try them. 


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