L’Cret Magic Lipstick: Elegant Purple to Moisture-packed Pink!


Finding the perfect lipstick — the one — can be quite a challenge when it’s literally raining lipsticks these days! But if you really look closely and know what you’re looking for, ie. ingredients, SPF, color, lasting power, shimmer, glitter etc., eventually, you’ll come across it.

In this post I will share with you my experience with this magic lipstick in Elegant Purple. The color-changing lipstick per swipe by this Korean brand called L’Cret. Intrigue?

Now before we proceed, if you’ve not read my introductory post on this brand, then it might be best if you do. Check here since this post will concentrate more on the result/s, otherwise, let’s roll!
L'cret lipstickI must say, I’m more of a lipblam/gloss person since I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. However, this ‘lipstick’ was just too tempting for me to not buy. Why? Because it’s not your ordinary drugstore lipstick you can get from Boots or anywhere else, it’s something I would not even dare compare with Maybelline Popsicle range  although I almost gave in when I smelt the citrusy and fruity scent of those popsicles! Anyway, back to L’Cret.

L’Cret Elegant Purple in Pictures
L'Cret picturesL'Cret packagingMy purple-o-meter obsession skyrocketed when I saw this lipstick and that jelly-like appearance

l'cret packagingis just too beautiful to resist. And don’t you just love that semi-tinted packaging with that two-toned effect?So, I bought this after it was launched for the first time at wishtrend.com for $18.40 (approx. £11.00), which is probably a little bit more than what I would have liked to spend on a lipstick. I picked this color due to the fact that it’s called Elegant Purple! (You could say purple is my kryptonite)

But was it worth it in the end? Let’s see the lip swatches!

L'Cret swatchSwatchesElegant Purple L'CretL’Cret Magic Lipstick is your 7 in 1 lips treat! It’s your balm, gloss, tint, rouge, lipstick, lip treatment, and lip sunblock (SPF14) and did I mention that it’s paraben-free? The color changes depending on the lipstick color and your individual mood and pH levels.

I love the fact that it can bring my dull-looking lips to life in just one swipe. And two or three more swipes, I can go for bolder lips too. It’s very handy during the winter months and it’s good enough during summer time with the SPF14 it comes along with, which is a major plus for me.

I would have said that this is my perfect lipstick/balm/gloss and this would have joined my HG (holy grail) products, but one thing they forgot to mention about this lipstick is the after taste — a soapy-like taste. Ok, fine. It’s just my pickiness kicking in LOL. Don’t get me wrong, it smells nice more than anything, and if you can live with that ‘after-taste’, then definitely worth a try.

PRICE:  $18.40

It really is very moisturising without the stickiness, compare to the ones I’ve tried in the past. Boujoir Paris, Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Etude House, just to name a few. So if you’re not fuzzy like me, about the soapy smell or taste, and you’re looking for that 7 in 1 lipstick, then you definitely want to grab at least one or two of this.

Finally, was this a good buy for me? Yes, and in fact, I wish I grabbed Exotic Yellow, too! Well, now you know what I want crossing off from my wish list!

Q: Care to try this magic? Any lip treat to combat the cold or stay protected during summertime?

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