Putting A Face To The Name! UK BBloggers Review Panel Collaboration

Move aside Monday blues, I have something much better to share with my lovely readers!

I’d like to start this week by introducing to you my first ever project with wishtrend.com. I must say though that when I was asked if I’d be interested to organise this first, I was a little nervous on taking this up as I’ve never had any experience before. But when I realized that this would be a great opportunity to get other bloggers involved and try Korean products we can’t easily get here in the UK, I knew I could never let this pass.

So let’s meet the bloggers behind this review panel, shall we? And I’m braving it and finally putting a face to the name (or is it the other way round?) of your Momma Bean! haha

And look what’s coming your way? Wait… wait… Don’t back away yet.

Beauty mavens, please know that NO snails are being squashed in the process. The mucin is only being collected.  If the snails are killed then they won’t be able to produce any mucin.  Makes sense to me! (Thanks Jon from hope-inablog for reconfirming this 🙂 )

You won’t find any snail surprise when you unscrew this jar either, or the smell of snails for that matter!

What this jar has, is snail mucin’s that has been formulated and blended along with the rest of the ingredients to help your skin regenerate, repair any damage, and take care of those wrinkles!

Here’s a little detail about our good ol’ slimey friend:

Why does mucin in snail slime (filtrate) good for our skin?

When a snail is damaged, the mucin-containing slime comes out of its body and helps heal wounds. Snail mucin is composed of chondroitin that permeates deep into the skin and prevents skin aging, improves skin’s elasticity, controls moisture level and helps skin cell regeneration.

Ohh, our slimey friend is one multi-tasker, don’t you think?

So watch this space folks, while us girlies will start sliming to give you our insight and experience with Elisha Coy’s Snail Repair Cream. I’ll be collecting all their review links and put them on this page, so you can browse and visit their blogs as well. An overall rating from the six of us will be provided in the end to give you, readers, beauty diehards, and future snail slimers :LOL: an in-depth information about this brand, product and where to purchase the real stuff! Beware of fake snail creams!

We’re all about finding the right product for you!

Stick with me like glue as I’ll be doing a mini giveaway by end of next week for one lucky reader to try some of this snail slime goodness! 😉

A big Thank You to Eddie and Ryan, founders of Wish Company (wishtrend.com) for collaborating with us UK Beauty Bloggers!

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