Nude Magique BB Blush Review and Swatches

Are you a big fan of L’OREAL makeup products? Well it seems that not only are they on the CC Creams bandwagon, they’ve also created the Nude Magique BB Blush. Confused? Don’t be. If we’re lucky, they might be on to something here, another must-have in our handbag, perhaps?

L’OREAL says: Transparent blush texture that turns pink on contact with skin for an instant glow. Magic!
Volume: 15 ml,  £7.99 (UK Price) See below for more details on where to buy. 

Nude Magique BB Blush, Universal Glow


Ready for the swatches?

Nude Magique BB Blush Review

You’d be pleased to know that this transparent texture blush is NOT sticky at all. It’s looks rather gel-like, doesn’t it?

There’s more… (blending)

nude magique bb blushMy product impression? Let’s say, I’m impressed, colour-wise ! I had to grab this little tube of joy that promises to give you that instant glowy, rosy cheeks, creating that effortless natural-look effect.

nude magique bb blush

What I really like about this BB Blush is the fact that it hasn’t got any fragrance or distinctive scent, which is very common with most drugstore brands. To be honest, I’m unsure as to why this is called BB, but perhaps because it feels like a balm??  Or they’re just hyping it up? If you’re hoping for skin benefits, you wouldn’t find it with this blush – this purely is just aimed to give you that natural rosy cheeks, and that’s about it! Although I must say, I didn’t see any parabens in the ingredient list, if this chemical concerns you.

But the application couldn’t be simpler and easier. You literally need half a size of a pea! Not pea-sized, just half of it to start of. The swatches above, I got carried away a little. LOL.

♥  Once on your cheek, simply rub it gently (and evenly) on to places where you want to create that rosy cheeks effect! It’s as if you’re putting a BB cream on, but only on that portion of your face.

nude magique bb blush

Makeup: CC Cream by Mizon, Nude Magique BB Blush, The Saem Jelly Tint (review coming up)

It doesn’t feel greasy nor turn greasy later either and the colour has a good lasting power for what it is and for how little I used on this pic — perhaps approx. 4 hours tops? During application, if you rub it in a little bit more, the colour will start to fade away, which I’ve noticed when I did the swatches on my hand earlier. So, there’s still a solution in case you went overboard with rosiness on your cheeks with this BB Blush. Phewww…

So, could this be the ultimate ‘universal blush’?  And remember, a little goes a long way!


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Q: What do you think about this new concept by L’OREAL?

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