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jelly beans in glass jarSweet Jelly Bean is about bringing the colourful world of beauty and blogging to my readers, through beauty reviews, newest finds, and tutorials. We love to mix things up here a little. It’s what makes things fun and enjoyable, right?

Jellybeans: they’re sweet and they come in variety of flavours and colours, which fit nicely for this blog.

So you will find products from around the world, loved by me or by many, inspiring collaboration with bloggers and simplified tutorials on how to improve the look of your blog the easy way to enhance the experience of your audience, with no hair-pulling moment!



Cut It Out Wall Stickers - Review

Well, hello there! My name is Donah, a Filipina/US-based beauty blogger and also a blog tweaker ! I’m a sucker for hot chocolate, and jelly beans are one of my favourite treats! It’s a given, don’t you think?

One day, I finally decided to share some of the amazing products that my little bean and I have been using, and what better way to do it? Blog about it!

I embraced the blogosphere back in April 2012 – although Sweet Jelly Bean was born in July 2012 – and just ended up falling head over heels with it. It doesn’t get any better when you get to know more about your readers through fun interaction and connecting ‘socially’.

On the other hand, when I’m not blogging, I’m your full time Momma to this little bean, the greatest gift that keeps on giving. It might sound cliche but it definitely is the little things that matter more to me in life. Little giggles and cuddles are top of the list, followed by chilling on the couch watching Korean dramas or movies, and sometimes a stroll around the park.

Here at Sweet Jelly Bean, we like to indulge your beauty cravings. Keep in touch by subscribing to this blog (see sidebar to enter your email or via Bloglovin’) or simply follow me across my social networks. I’m pretty much everywhere!

Let’s spill the beans, one post at a time!

Donah x





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