While the West was still getting acquainted with BB creams (Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm), Korean beauty enthusiasts were already one step ahead and created the next best thing in the beauty world – Mizon Correct Combo Cream, or best known as Mizon CC Cream. This is Korea’s 1st Smart Beauty Item.

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Mizon CC Cream

Mizon CC Cream (Correct Combo)

Anti-wrinkle/Whitening/SPF 25 PA++
Quantity: 35 ml

This new innovation offers both makeup and skincare in one application. Yes, we’ve seen the rise of BB creams and it has now become an international craze, but there’s definitely still room for more exciting beauty must-haves right? You could say that BB creams focus more on coverage compare to CC cream on this stance, although this CC cream tries to give you that color-correcting effect with its colored capsules that pop on skin contact. This is said to improve your dull skin tone and giving you that natural and luminous finish.

Korea’s first smart beauty item, combined by 2 categories of skincare and makeup delivers skin whitening, wrinkle care, skin firming, moisturizing, pore care, and sunblock SPF 25 effect.

Birch Sap instead of Water, Desert Plants, Argan Oil, Moringa Milk Plant, 40 Type Moisture Ingredients, Collagen, Elastin, and Ceramide

  • Birch Sap used instead of water for 24 hour moisture — also contains amino acids.
  • Ceramide: a natural moisture-retaining film — is one of skin lipids constituents.
  • Moringa Tree: skin nourishing. It’s often called ‘milk tree’ and contains rich minerals and vitamins that help provides clear and smooth skin.
  • Micro-coloured capsules: for skin coverage. Patented micro-coloured capsules to complete coverage, smooth and even out skin tone.

As you can see, unlike your normal foundation or known BB creams, Mizon CC Cream is definitely packed with skincare benefits, which to me almost sound like a day/night cream than a makeup product, but hey, they’ve managed to put them together, so hurray!

How to…
Mizon CC Cream

Mizon CC Cream Container: To prevent the formula from oxidizing and contamination, it is stored in a twist-type sealed container, where you can control the amount used while being protected from pollutants. A well-thought out packaging.
CC CreamNote: When using this for the first time, you might have to twist it a few times for the cream to come out, which I believe will only happen for first time use.

The swatches will show you how this cream starts to oxidize and the ‘white’ colour starts to change and blend well with your skin tone. It feels rather moist and very easy to blend when applied, and gives off that ‘healthy-looking’ effect when done. It works even better when you use a makeup setting spray, a spray mist or the Activator Essence, for a much dewy look.


Mizon CC Cream swatches


What I love about this cream is the dewy-type, fresh looking finish, which gives you that ‘healthy glow’ factor. My skin felt so moisturize afterwards and no ‘dry’ feeling at all. Moreover, the cream just glides on your skin, giving you an effortless application experience. In fact, it feels very smooth to touch and has a very lovely subtle and pleasant scent.

If you’re someone looking for a medium to full coverage, then it’s something you won’t find with this cream. It’s pretty much catered for people with fair to light skin tone and coverage is very minimal. You can obviously mix this up with your normal BB cream, almost like a base, but personally, I prefer to use just the CC cream on its own as I don’t want any heavy coverage or makeup.


This is best applied using your fingers, but I have also tried using my Sigma foundation brush, which works perfectly fine and gives a smoother finish.


Mizon CC Cream Before & After
Mizon CC Cream review, Mizon CC Cream Before & After

Wearing CC Cream and Youngbloond Mineral Crushed Blush in Sherbet

CC cream might not be everyone’s cuppa as it might be too white for those with darker skin tone. I have uneven skin tone with dark patches here and there due to breakouts before and CC Cream helps a little to even this out, while calming down any redness. It’s moisturizing and also provides luminosity on your skin like no other. It’s not what I can call my holy grail, but it’s definitely better than the recent CC creams I’ve seen around!

(taken with natural light by the window using my iPhone — no enhancement applied.)

Mizon CC Cream FOTD

Mizon CC Cream can be purchased via Gmarket or here and here. You can always drop mizoncorp a line by email to make an enquiry. You can also purchase the Activator Essence on their Ebay site. The Activator Essence can be used as a normal spray mist or before CC cream for a smoother application and dewy look.

Q: What are you thoughts on this new innovation combining skincare & makeup in one? Hip or just pure Hype?

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