I was never a beauty gizmo fan, in fact, I tried to stay away from them. Products that get really hyped up always end up in disappoint with me, for the most part. The ones that looked really good, but not enough reviews?… well, I just don’t trust them.  But when I saw ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner, I wavered.

When wishtrend.com offered me the chance to review this product, I grabbed that opportunity, crossing my fingers, that my skin would hopefully love, what could be ‘the next best thing’ in my beauty collection.

My skin is nowhere near perfect, but I’m working on it. I have a problematic skin due to many reasons like a) lack of sleep, b) winter + heating suck the life of moisture out of my skin, c) falling out of my beauty routine sometimes,  and let’s not forget d) hormonal changes that brought all the chaos!

So let’s say hello to ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner!

ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner

With the most straightforward settings, you can never go wrong with this spin cleaner. It rotates 360 degrees, and have the clockwise/counter-clockwise motion for that extra massaging effect.

You have your Low and High settings and this micro anti-bacterial brush head is composed (get this) 60,000 bristles!! And the gentlest kind!

Simple Settings

Now you might think, hmmm wouldn’t that be too abrasive for my (sensitive) skin, especially if that thing rotates rather than oscillates (back and forth motion – deemed to be a gentler way of cleaning just like Clarisonic)?

The answer ? No. You’d be surprised how soft the bristles are, and yet this brush cleans like a pro! And this is by no means an exaggeration.

Features of 3D Spin

I’ve been using ElishaCoy 3D Spin for over a month now along with the Vita Capsule Foaming Wash (or any foaming wash you prefer) and although I had my doubts at first, when I saw the results along with my no non-sense hubby’s comment ‘your skin definitely looks better now’ I knew something was right about this cleaner.

So why you’d love ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner gadget more?

  • Portable and very light to carry around in your handbag
  • Battery operated, so no more plugging or ‘crap, I forgot to charge this thing!’ moments
  • Anti-bacterial approved brush with breathable cap, hygienic features
  • Easy to stand on any surfaces with non-slip bottom
  • Convenient and easy cleaning with detachable brush

Size Comparison

Of course, let’s not forget one of the important factors in buying — the price! This is currently on sale for $43.08 (standard price $71.80), which 40% OFF the normal price (comes with batteries already! And you have your other options to buy an extra brush, blackhead pore brush or cleansing foam.

I see this as an investment that will bring good results. And this 3D Spin really proved me right! Thank goodness! I’d buy this again for sure if mine’s decided to stop working. (Update Jan 2015: my 3D is still working great!)

But of course, let’s see the before and after ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner photos!

2 Weeks Results after using 3D

The ‘After’ photos are of my left and right cheeks taken 2 weeks after using ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner – I enhanced the lighting so you can see my humungous pores and the difference after. 

Taken on 20th December 3D Spin

The photos above were taken on 20th December 2012 (a month later of using this cleaner), before and after using the cleanser.

See the big difference with my pores these days?

Here’s a tip I’d like to share for first timers, especially with sensitive skin like me:

Be gentle with this beauty gadget, there’s no need to scrub! Let the spin cleaner does it work without you applying too much pressure on your skin. This comes with a visual booklet on how to, so you’ll get a good start.

Stick with Low setting at first, and perhaps only change to High around the area where blackheads are prominent (if you don’t have the blackhead brush, that is). At first, I felt a little tingling sensation, although there was no sign of irritation or breakouts once I’ve done my beauty skincare routine.  Your skin will soon adapt to this new way of cleaning, and will show its appreciation. Brighter skin, pores look visibly smaller, and skin feeling squeaky clean.

And the best part? Me waking up in the morning and my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom!

You can grab your very own ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleaner at www.wishtrend.com. For a limited time only get 5% OFF your order using code: SJB5OFF (valid until end of Feb 2015)