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Was it love at first whiff of Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose?
From time to time, there’s this product that you just can’t helped but love, right? While writing this post down, I was so nervous that my words won’t do this product justice, being no expert in perfumery or the process of making. But I do have a picky nose, and there are scents I just can’t stand, regardless of the brand or price tag it comes with.

Twinkle Rose is unique. One of a kind. Not mass-produced. There’s a story in every bottle. There’s love in every drop.

Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose
Rose is not my preferred scent, until I took a whiff of Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose, and everything changed! It only took a little sample for me to really fall for this one – and I still have some left from the sample I got from my Christmas Wishbox, can you believe that? I pretty much use it everyday as well, or whenever I want the spring to visit me early. A little goes a long way is such an understatement, at least that’s how I feel.

Twinkle Rose by Perfume

Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose – The Beautiful Notes

Yes, that’s right, Twinkle Rose is the epitome of spring’s perfect scent. The top note combination of grapefruit, cassis and apple are just the perfect blend, while rose, freesia, and geranium add that toned down floral-type scent – the ‘heart notes’ as some would call it. Not suffocating but plays a big role in Twinkle Rose. So even for someone like me, who is not your biggest rose or geranium scents fan, I was swayed by this perfume and even started to appreciate the lingering scent of musk and cedar wood as its base note.

Simplicity Is Beauty

Another thing that I love about this perfume is its simplicity, from the packaging to the bottle. That’s what I admire about this brand as a whole, there’s no nonsense involved, no fancy, glittered or ‘just-making-a-statement-shaped bottle’ — it’s as straightforward as it can be, but still it’s a beauty.

Twinkle Rose

When I read what was written on all over the box, I just knew that this perfume was for me. Perfumelifer makes you feel that this perfume is made just for you. Not just another mass-produced product that everyone wants to get their hands on, because everyone has it. I love the dedication, the story  behind the making, and creativity involved.

Spring Summer

But as much as I have a picky nose, I’m also picky with prices. I hate to splurge, especially for things like this, but thank goodness this bottle didn’t cost an arm and a leg! In fact, I feel that you get more than what you pay for — it costs only $31 for a 45 ml bottle!

And I’m so glad I get to share my experience with you, because I feel that I’ve now found the brand that caters for me as an individual, that’s Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose fragrance. Now, if only there’s a ‘smell it’ button!

You can find Perfumelifer Twinkle Rose over at, and don’t forget to check out Air de Salon, Saturday Morning, Only Scent and Under Umbrella, all carries a story of their own captured in its fragrance.


What’s your perfect perfume you call ‘your own’?


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