new brandsInstagram and Twitter is like peas and carrots for a beauty blogger like me. Although some settings have changed and your Instagram pics won’t show up nicely on Twitter unless the link is clicked, still you get the stream without having to double post, if you know what I mean.

That being said, I’m liking both of this social networks these days because I’ve been able to really connect with amazing people! Yes, they still exist. LOL. I managed to get acquainted with new brands I never even knew existed with an array of products with amazing calibre of ingredients. So, consider this like a ‘teaser’ post as I have a mini review for each of these brands* product soon. Do feel free to check them out and connect, too!

First up.

Exsicata – Biomas do Brazil
Brazilian Skincare
ProductsThanks to Instagram, I’ve not only found another wonderful brand, but also got to know an amazing entrepreneur, beauty & well-being enthusiast, Adriane Semmer, the brains and beauty behind Exsicata. I was very excited to speak to her since I was able to ask a few questions about the concept of the brand. To put it simply ‘Exsicata revives the essence of the close interrelationship of our ancestors with the plant world, however, taking a contemporary look into the ethical sourcing of high quality bioactives and the advanced knowledge of modern cosmetology.’

Exsicata’s Balancing Tonic Lotion was what captured me, and based on the details below, you’ll know why:

Exclusive formula with plant-derived actives to complement facial cleansing, preparing the skin for following facial care regimen. Enriched with botanical extracts of Stryphnodendron barbatiman, Croton lechleri and Aloe barbadensis, to calm, tone and restore skin’s natural balance. Formulated without: Parabens, Sulphates, Colouring Agents, Petrochemicalsor Phthalates. Dermatologist tested and approved by renowned clinical laboratory.

Next,  Marlenha Skincare
Made in Italy
starter kitThis popped up on my feed over on Twitter, and I’m so glad it did. I couldn’t take my eyes off their Rose & Argan Oil Nourishing Face Cream. This cream looks so promising with it’s exquisite formulation. Topping the ingredients list are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive  Oil and Lipomoist (a deeply hydrating factor) not to mention that it’s delicately scented with rose, for that fresh face and hydrated feel-good factor. There’s more from this brand, of which you can check them all out here.

You can also grab yourself their Starter Mignon Kit to sample the products and see if they’re best suited for your skin first.

And last but definitely not the least…

Evande SkincareSkincareThe concept behind this brand is very simple and, to me, spot on. The most important skin regimen: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Evande introduces the 3-step facial maintenance system through their Evande Trio Pack. I’m loving the sound of their Gentle Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover already. And just have a look for yourself the ingredients used:

Natural Fruit extracts of lemon, bilberry, orange, sugar cane, aloe Vera, cucumber, Passion Fruit,and Amla.

This is like the ultimate ‘fruit salad’ treat for your skin! Oh, I checked with them and their products are paraben-free, too!

There you have it, just three of the new brands I’ve stumbled across during my social rounds on Twitter and Instagram. If you’re on any of these networks, feel free to leave your account in the comment section below. We gotta stay connected, ya know!

Q: What products or brands have you come across this week? Have you tried any of these brands?

*Apart from Evande Skincare