matte lipsticksAnother stroll around the makeup aisle of my go-to drugstore that ended up with this post. I don’t normally do swatches on lipsticks in-store because of not enough time plus looking silly especially when you end up not buying anything! But since Mom was around with little bean, I had the chance to try out testers that were still unopened! Lucky!

What piqued my interest was the fact that they claimed Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks to have that matte effect, and wouldn’t you know, I’m looking for one. The whole collection look amazing with bright colours that scream summer.

I’ve managed to swatch three colours that really stood out for me. Muse, Backstage and Finale
matte lipsticksmatte lipsticks
Surprisingly, this lipstick glides pretty well and fairly pigmented. I’m not too sure about the suede matte effect though, unless I was not doing something right with the application. I’d rather say that this is semi-matte. I’m glad this doesn’t have that shimmer or not that pearl type lipstick like most of Revlon products are.

It did feel very smooth on my lips plus it didn’t bleed. Color migration is noticeable with Backstage here but it could be because I was almost rushing when applying this?
matte lipsticksOut of drugstore brands, Revlon is one of those I’m willing to try. I love the look of Muse and Finale because of that pink and orange hue. Bright shades really appeal to me these days. But what about you? Is it Yay or Nay?
matte lipsticksTook the above with better lighting and I can definitely say the look of Finale is growing on me.

These are available in-store and online at or try and Google it to check out sellers who will ship internationally, unless of course it’s already available in your country.

Q: What are you favourite Revlon products? Anything that captured you in their recent collection?

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