If there’s a beauty box worth breaking my piggy bank with no question, it would be this one.

But what do you actually look for in a beauty box? If you would have asked me which beauty box subscription I would pick a year ago, I probably wouldn’t know what to say or where to start my search. But throughout my blogosphere journey, I’ve seen a fair share of beauty boxes, some worth getting excited about, others a complete waste of time, let alone your money.

One of the biggest attractions of beauty boxes is the surprise factor and the thrill of not knowing what you’re going to get, which seems to me like a double edge sword. I’ve seen boxes packed with samples and a few full-sized products but none of these boxes really appealed to me. Until I came across this one, months ago. And from there onwards, I have want want want engraved in my beauty brain. LOL.
Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberAnd goodness gracious, the beauty gods must have heard my ongoing (annoying) chants and never ending convo with my hubby of how much I want this box, that I got an email saying I was entitled to a Wantable beauty box, if I want! Amen to that!
Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWhen the waiting game was finally over, I was so excited and nervous at the same time to see what my (September) Wantable beauty box has in-store for me, would my face lit up like a bulb or would it just be an epic flat, meh reaction when I open the box?

And guess what? It was the former. Wohoo! And I jumped around like a little girl, who just got her first pony (not that I got a pony before, but you know).

Ok, too much for these blurbs, let’s see what’s in the box, shall we? I hope my phone has done this beautifully curated selection of premium cosmetic brands justice.
Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberLaqa & Co. Greedy Guts nail polish, the perfect oh-so-sexy-red to rock this Fall. Designed by Million Dollar Design.

Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberCailyn’s Lip Color Pot in Dolce Vita. I can’t wait to slather this on my lips. The sweet (not suffocating) aroma is enough to tempt you to lick it (but don’t! LOL).

It’s amazing how Wantable is so spot on with what I really want — I wanted an eyebrow pencil and voila!
Michael Marcus’s Brunette Eyepencil Brow.
michaelmarcussjbWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberBut wait until you meet this next product from Cailyn. Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner (in Fall Night) with innovative packaging that has built-in brush. It’s water resistant, smudge-proof (bye, bye, panda-looking eyes! :-p), 24 hour wearing and safe for sensitive eyes.

Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - September

And did you know that Cailyn is free from all nasty chemicals? And also cruelty-free? Get a load of that! I think this brand and I will get on very, very well. Now time to practice and improve my eye-lining skills.

To complete my Wantable Beauty Box and make this last day of September fab, Wantable peeps included this one, too.
Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush.
Wantable Beauty Box - SeptemberWantable Beauty Box - SeptemberI’ve heard so many good things about this brand and I was overjoyed to see this brush in my box. It’s time to play with my newly found Melting Foundation from Mustaev (review coming soon). I also received Skiin Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream sample as well as a $10 OFF to shop at Laqa & Co.

And beauties, I know how much you care about your purses (or piggy banks) so let’s put on our Math hats and compare how much this box subscription costs and would normally have costed our pockets without the magic of Wantable beauty box. And remember you get full sized products, not samples or deluxe samples for that matter.

Wantable offers:

a) Subscription box for $36 a month
b) Or buy a single box for $40 (want to try it, this is the easiest way to do it, too!)
c) Subscriptions are shipped automatically each month and can be skipped or canceled anytime.
They ship in the US, Canada and Australia.

My September Wantable Beauty Box normal retail prices per product.

LAQA & Co. Nail Polish – $11.00
Cailyn Cosmetics Lip Pot – $14.10
Michael Marcus Eyebrow Pencil – $24.00 (!!)
Cailyn Cosmetics LineFix Gel Eyeliner – $21.00 (!!)
Japonesque Angled Foundation brush – $25.00 (!!)

Total = $95.10
>>(with Wantable subscription) You will save: $59.10!<<

So what you’re waiting for, go sign up (it’s FREE), take the beauty quiz to let Wantable know what you love, like, or dislike and they will take care of the rest, just like how they did with my box.


Q: Isn’t Wantable beauty box just wantable?

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