What’s the best way to start a freezing week? A warm hug in a mug is on my menu. And it might be a good idea if you put the kettle on before reading, because by the time you’re done, you’re going to want a sip of your favorite hot drink, thanks to Specialmoment.co.uk.

In case you didn’t know, not only do I have a soft spot for hot cocoa, I love me a good brew, too. Peppermint, barley, green tea or corn are just few of my favorite flavored teas. And how could a tea lover like me not go loco with this adorable tea tin where I can store all my favorite things — and may I add, with my name on it?


Specialmoment.co.uk lives up to its name by making every gift and your experience with them special. They offer personalized gifts for all occasions, for her, him, baby, mommy, daddy, or why not a gift for you? Have you been nice this year? Then, you deserve one.

What I love about personalized stuff is the added sentiment, that precious feeling that it has your or his/her name on it. Plus, if you love to bring your own tea at work, well, now you have your fancy little tin, which I’m hoping will prevent people from helping themselves to make a brew from your own stash, right? Oh, this tin comes with 25 English Breakfast tea bags, too, to get you started. There’s always an excuse for a nice afternoon tea, you know?

specialmoment.co.ukThis was an incredible opportunity to feature this company here on my blog, thanks to Mark at Special Moment, I get to finally put my blog tagline in action. See the back? Need I say more?
specialmoment.co.ukSpecialmoment.co.uk is a family run business, which started personalizing calendars in 2003 as gifts for friends and family. This became popular and with demands increasing, the family decided to turn it into a business and created their website, which now offers different kinds of personalized gifts.

Here’s a few gift ideas I thought would interest any tea-loving creature out there, but do check their site and browse around, since there’s more to them than just tea or personalized calendars.

They deliver all over the UK and shipping costs range from as little as £1.95 to £6.95 for next day delivery (FREE delivery for orders over £30). Clear instructions are given on each item information page so you’ll never feel lost when ordering your product or adding your messages. Do consider their production time though when ordering, like I said, they take that extra time and care for all your gifting needs.

Now then, time for a hot cuppa and some choco pie. Who’s with me?specialmoment.co.uk

Enjoy your week all and stay warm!