To continue the em-azing week from my last haul post, today I’m finally reviewing and swatching em pillow plush aka your cushiony lip balm. And guess what shade? Berries, of course! The purple hues have its own way of sucking me into buying them, and em Michellen Phan’s dome-shaped lip pot is no exception.

Em Pillow Plush Lip Balm
Em pillow plush lip balm is stored in this cute lip pot with a dome-shaped cover and a clear base, which is convenient to see the shade and how much stash you have left. Although the site claims for it to have this vanilla scent, not knowing exactly how strong it would be, I crossed my fingers that it won’t be something that will make me feel light-headed. I don’t handle strong scents very well, unfortunately.

Em Pillow Plush Lip Balm

Luckily, they’re right about the vanilla scent, in fact,  if there’s such a thing as toasted vanilla aroma, then this would be that. It smells amazing and not overly sweet or headache-inducing. Plus Berries is so pigmented it almost looks like your sheer lipstick/gloss that is packed with moisture. And if you want to intensify its appearance, just swipe more!

Em Pillow Plush Lip Balm

I saw Michelle wearing this in one of her videos sometime around autumn and I had my heart set on it. Although I was tempted to get Bubblegum as well. It’s hard to say no to a pretty pink, you know.

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For a lip pot costing $15* (excluding shipping + tax), I can definitely agree on the ‘overpriced’ complaints from other buyers, who were hoping to try her line. Hence, I waited for it to go on sale. LOL. I paid $10 for this product, which includes shipping + tax as well.

With Shea butter and Vitamin E in its formula, em cushiony lip balm feels creamy, buttery, hydrating and non-sticky on the lips and if scented products bother you, rest assured, the vanilla scent doesn’t linger for long. It disappears after a minute of applying it.

I was never keen on dipping my finger in a pot because it’s very unhygienic, but these days, I actually don’t mind anymore. It just pushes me to embrace the clean freak zone more and I always make sure that I wash my hands before I use this product. And oh, this totally has the cushiony-effect when you touch it! Only thing is that it doesn’t bounce back and your product will be left with a dent like this one. 😀

Em Pillow Plush Lip Balm

Overall, this lip balm has hang around in my makeup bag longer than expected and my go-to if I want the lovely aroma of toasted vanilla or a moisture boost. This certainly does a good job in keeping my lips from drying and cracking especially now that the weather here in NJ is super cold and snowing all the time.

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Q: What do you think of this ‘cushiony’ lip balm by Michelle Phan? Feel free to share your thoughts.

And what would you like me to review next? The Great Cover Up Concealer, Em Creamy Matte Lipstick or Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette? Comment away.

  • Prices have been revised recently on and this lip balm now costs $14 (shipping + tax excl.)
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