Who pulled an all-nighter to watch The Oscars the other night and cheered on the award winners? I did! Now, whenever I stay up late, I also get an award the next morning. That dreaded spot that nobody wants! And why does it have to be on my nose or around my lips?? 😥  I’m sure you can relate.

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about these annoying bumps these days since I found the best spot treatment by far! My perfect counter to send these spots into oblivion is Enca AC Drying Pink Powder**.

** Unfortunately, this product is no longer available however an alternative is Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder.

*** Warning: Some BEFORE & AFTER pics ahead of my spot during treatment 😕 …***

best spot treatment

This powder-type solution has calamine as its main ingredient, which helps soothes and calms any redness down as well as extracting excess sebum preventing the problem from recurring. I’ve never tried this type of product so I was a little bit skeptical at first, until I saw the results! Even hubby was very impressed and now uses this as well.

I also find this pink powder to work wonders on any spots that are just about to pop out or ones that are extremely itchy. The cooling sensation makes such a difference on my troubled skin. I use this product at night, leave it on, and wash it off in the morning. Works like a charm!

Here’s what I took last summer, when I first tried Enca. And yes, its been a while since I had this type of spot and whenever I do, it never get to the stage where it gets all yucky and later on leaves a mark. You don’t want that.

Click on an image for full view. Pics shown were taken from morning to night so you see the difference. Application was done only at night, although you can certainly do it twice a day, too. Results might show quicker.

The powder part of this product has settled at the bottom of the solution and you’re not supposed to shake the bottle. You leave it as it is and use a cotton bud to dip into the bottle to take out the powder. It has a pretty strong smell, just FYI, but it does go away once it has dried after application. (I have a feeling that the combo of isophrophyl alcohol and sulfur produced this smell.)

best spot treatment

Enca AC Drying Pink Powder has to be the most effective spot treatment I’ve tried and have recommended it to friends and family. It comes in a tiny, travel-friendly bottle (15ml)  and because a little goes a long way, that 15ml will last you for quite a while. Not to mention that this is very affordable! For $13.99, this is more than worth it!

Grab yours now at wishtrend.com** and say goodbye to your spots! (Alternative product similar to Enca is **Ciracle Pimple Solution Pink Powder.)

Q: What’s your go-to product for spot treatment?