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Prepare to be mind-blown by From The Lab, a beauty brand based in Beverly Hills, CA. Because frankly, they have something going on here that I’ve never seen being unboxed before. And ya know, I have my fair share of unboxing madness experience (as you do). This is tomorrow’s beauty on your doorstep today. Curious much? Read on.

I broke my blogging habit few weeks ago by trying their products before I could even take a single shot. Yep. Couldn’t help it at all. Something smelt nice while I was opening the box and I had to find out, quick.

From The Lab Unboxing

But rewind, what is From The Lab?

It’s a  beauty brand subscription service, where each month you will receive up to two 30-day supplies of their newest European quality luxury beauty innovations in the categories of skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics. Each selection has never been released in the U.S. and sent to you up to 18 months before the same actives or formulas will be on retail shelves.

Products have passed European standards for quality and efficacy

The goal of From the Lab is to give women access to the latest innovations in luxury beauty before they hit the retail market. They partner with labs in Switzerland, France and Italy to secure the latest formulas, revolutionary ingredients and cutting-edge technologies that you won’t see on the shelves for a year or more—and when you do, they’ll be at a much higher price point! (source: From The Lab)

Full-sized products not samples

You will receive products in your box with an estimated retail value of $50-$200. Woweee. Their plans start from $23.25 per month, which will give you the chance to explore high-end beauty products without paying a high cost associated with traditional retail. And what’s more, their products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, if From The Lab goodies aren’t floating your boat, you can always return them.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to save more, you can choose from their multi-month subscription options: 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. For example, a 3-month subscription would save you $28.70 and you only have to pay $79.00 (shipping* included) for 3 boxes, while earning 500 points ($5 store credit) for doing so.

*Currently ships in the US and Canada only.

No nasties!

And you know what else I’m thrilled about this beauty box? The boat load of nasty chemicals that are not included in their products: free of parabens, benzene, formaldehyde – releasing ingredients, irritants, nano particles, nitrating ingredients, papa, phthalates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, toluene, and mineral oils and other comedogenic actives that clog pores.

From The Lab products are not tested on animals or contain any substance of animal origin.

July Box – Limited Edition Summer Essentials Collection ($29.95 shipping included)

I was over the moon when I got their Limited Edition Summer Essentials Collection for the box of July, because beauties, there’s not one or two full-sized products in this box, there are FIVE!

To celebrate From The Lab one year anniversary, they’ve put this special box together, which contains their favorite innovations to keep our skin and hair looking healthy throughout the summer months. The estimated retail value is $255!

Check it out:

From The Lab July Unboxing

(shells not included)  😛

I had to ask my contact at From The Lab. What’s with the numbers? (I find them cool and very mysterious, don’t you?) So, basically, their numbering system works like this:

  • 3 series  – Color Cosmetics
  • 5 series – Skin Care
  • 7 series – Hair Care

The reasoning? Because they’re an organized and processed bunch so it only makes sense to organize the items in numbers. Neat!

Now, let’s talk about these products because I’ve totally fallen head over heels on all of them. And that’s odd for someone like me since most beauty products I get in subscription boxes I don’t usually love them ALL. This one is an exception.

  • No. 586 – AM/PM Cleanser

This cleanser smells a little bit like cucumber and it’s super refreshing on my face! No water required to rinse your face. Simply soak a cotton pad and gently wipe your face, eyes (careful since this will sting if it gets in your eyes – been there, done that!) and neck. This removes my makeup, cleanses and tones my skin. I love me a multi-tasker and this definitely is perfect to take when on the go.
[toggle title=”Main Ingredients”]
Winged Kelp, Fomes Officinalis Mushroom, Black Willow Bark Extract, Tomato Stem Cell Culture, Ginseng Extract, Organically-cultivated Peppermint Floral Water[/toggle]

  • No. 718 – Hair Mask

Say hello to another multi-tasker! This hair mask, which is packed with Provitamin B5 and natural oils to add softness and shine to your locks, can also be used as  a deep conditioner (leave it for 5  minutes), if you don’t have time to sit around for 30 minutes (hair mask).

No. 718 features an advanced anti-aging skin care technology with customized polymers and a biomimetic peptide, which helps condition each strand and nourish your scalp so your hair grows out healthier.

[toggle title=”Main Ingredients”]
Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple Stem Cell Complex, Cationic Copolymer, Provitamin B5, Avocado, Jojoba, Argan, and Brazil Nut Oils

From The Lab July Unboxing

  • No. 629 – Lip Primer

I’ve never used a lip primer before, so this is a first. And wow, this one feels like a lip balm almost and makes every lipstick application like a dream. No dragging, just smooth swiping. You can also wear this on its own and it makes your lips look plump and silky. This is quite an experience, I must say.

[toggle title=”Main Ingredients”]
Raspberry Cultured Stem Cells, Proprietary Peptide Complex, Betaine, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Extract, Golden Root Extract, Meteorite Powder with Diamond Core, Vitamin E [/toggle]

  • No. 327 – Face Primer

This weightless, gel-cream primer will rock your makeup world! No. 327 is a lightly-tinted white cream (similar to a sunblock just waaay better in texture and consistency) which doesn’t leave any white residue or goes cakey throughout the day. You can use it like any other face primer or use it on its own for a fresh, flawless, natural look.

With No.327, your skin appears visibly smoother and more naturally luminous, while the additions of Sarcosine and Peruvian Rhatany Root Extract boast anti-aging benefits and even out your sin tone.

In fact, this is what I wore in my FOTD few days ago on my Instagram.

[toggle title=”Main Ingredients”]
Peruvian Rhatany Root Extract, Para Cress Flower Extract, Coffea Arabica Seed Oil, Tomato Leaf Cell Culture Extract, Beeswax

From The Lab July Unboxing

  • No. 598 – Face Mask

Is it wrong that I just want to eat this ‘green-looking goo’? Actually, it reminds me so much of melon jelly that I like to nom. This feels super light and luxurious on my skin and something I look forward to once or twice a week.

No. 598 mission is to provide hydration to your overexposed-to-the-sun-skin and provides a cooling and soothing effect, while the abundance of unusual ingredients and healing botanicals such as Absinth, Armoise and Heart of the Sea Algae will help revitalize it.


One last question I had to ask my contact was:

[toggle title=”Do these products get to finally come out or be available in the market under a different brand name?”]

When the products come out in retail market we let our members know – they are almost always high end, department store brands. Unfortunately we can’t release the information publicly due to NDA agreements with the labs, but if you are a From the Lab subscriber you will always find out!  And of course, if you run out of your favorite product you can always purchase more in the From the Lab shop.

It’s also worth mentioning that this box came with a super informative pamphlet which has the product description, how to use, tips and full ingredients list so you’ll never feel lost trying out their new products. Their website also offers this extensive information.

Whether it’s skin care, hair care or color cosmetics, From The Lab sounds like they have something special for us beauty seekers and I love how they put more emphasis in their product’s formulation and ingredients than on their packaging. To be honest, I actually like this ‘less is more’ and in white packaging approach.

But don’t get fooled by the appearance though, because their products offer so much more once you start digging in the pot or squeezing the tube.

You can join From The Lab to catch up with some of the latest innovative product addition, buy their newest or favorite products at a discounted rate, which is exclusive to members-only, by signing up HERE for free.

To SUBSCRIBE to their beauty box, click HERE.