Every brand wants a piece of the beauty unboxing spotlight and it’s fantastic! We now get more options to try products from a variety of brands with ease and who doesn’t like receiving a surprise every month? Modere Beauty Discovery Box has entered the beauty scene and they’re offering an entirely different unboxing experience.

Curious how it works?

Modere’s Beauty Box is a one-time beauty box subscription to get you acquainted with the brand’s skin care line. You will be sent a box  (in a box and a huge one at that) with carefully packaged (and sealed), high-end looking skin care selection both in full and sample sizes. The idea is that you get to try these samples for 7 days risk-free and then decide whether you want to keep the rest or not.

Modere Beauty Box

Modere Beauty Unboxing

If you then decide to keep all four of the full size products (a value of $140), your card will simply be charged $79.99 + tax (a saving of $50), otherwise, you have 7 days to return the full-sized products by using the prepaid return shipping label they sent in your box. Alternatively, you can buy them individually HERE.

The samples and the eye gel are basically yours to keep. Sounds like a win-win, right?

You’ll also find a booklet (pictured above) in your box, which has a brief introduction of the brand, product information, key ingredients list, and how to use them. It’s actually very informative and has offered a great insight into what the brand does. Apart from their beauty line, Modere also offers a vast portfolio of lifestyle essentials including personal care, health and wellness, and household products with safe and high-performing ingredients.

Modere Beauty Box

The first time I visited their website, I thought I landed on a fashion site. It’s stylish, modern and neat. Speaking of neat, Modere actually means crisp and clean in French, which totally explains their approach both in their packaging and clean ingredients.

In this beauty box, we are introduced to some of Modere’s finest skin care products, which claimed to contain naturally derived ingredients, gentle to your skin and without the following nasty chemicals:  no Ethoxylates, no PEGS, SLS, Phthalates, and no Parabens.

Here are the contents and my first impression:

  • Exfoliant  – contains Jojoba beads, which feels gentle on the skin and while I’m not very keen on the smell (can’t quite put my finger on it), you’d be surprised  how this exfoliator leaves you with a softer and moisturized skin.
  • Anti-Aging Serum – this serum has a creamy appearance and not the usual clear or transparent with a rather runny texture. It feels soothing and cooling when applied and carries a ‘fresh’ scent. Could it be the Banana Flower in the mix? This absorbs quickly while the cooling factor lingers a little bit longer.
  • Antioxidant Gel – I find this product very interesting. It has a primer-like texture, leaves your skin silky-smooth like a primer and has that noticeable citrusy kick to it. The main function for this product is to brighten your complexion.
  • Antioxidant Hair Serum – Expect to turn heads on this one and all for the right reasons. This is probably my most favorite product from the bunch. This super lightweight hair serum/oil feels and smells luxurious, like I just came out from an expensive hair salon. It’s such a treat! Packed with Kukui Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Tamanu Oil.
  • Dual Action Eye Gel – If you need ‘bright eyes’ first thing in the morning, then hook up with this eye gel and you can say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles. The refreshing factor on this one is no joke. It really gives you that wake up boost due to its soothing and two-fold formula of Hydrolyzed Elastin and Lupine Protein, two low molecular weight ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin.

Modere Beauty Box

Personally, I think this discovery or beauty kit is amazing especially for those who are ingredient-conscious or for those who are looking into switching their skin care routine. Plus, these products are the kinds that you would regularly incorporate in your regimen.

Price wise, I’d be honest, it’s a little steep as a monthly subscription fee but since this is one-time subscription only, then it makes it more acceptable and could well turn out to be a great investment moving forward.

I’m saying this because when I started getting into skin care few years ago, I ended up spending over $100 for a skin care set and I didn’t even get to try them first. It was a gamble and most of the products I bought didn’t suit my skin. So if you think about it, Modere Beauty Box offers a little bit more flexibility plus most importantly, you get to try the samples first before making a commitment.

What do you think of Modere Beauty Box? And how much have you spent on skin care before?

*Modere currently ships within the US only.