Today’s mani is going to be extra special, glittery and merry! I’ve taken up a new challenge and doing my nail art with Q-tips and getting down and creative with their Precision Tips line! You can find out more about them HERE.

Since it’s that time of the year, you’ll probably notice the most used words on this blog are holiday, glam or glitter since that’s what this season is all about, right? Just a heads up. 😉

Now for those who are unaware of Q-tips Precision Tips (like myself until recently) and more acquainted with their Cotton Swabs, the former is your ultimate beauty tool. It’s basically your multi-tasker best friend for every beauty needs you have, whether it’s perfecting your eye makeup look, creating a drop-dead-gorgeous red lips or simply going for a simple yet fun nail art.

Here’s why it’s the perfect company for your makeup stash:

• Gentle and soft to use on delicate areas of the face, including around the eyes
• Made with 100% pure cotton for soft and gentle use
• “Q” stands for quality
• Affordable alternative to expensive makeup brushes
• Offers a clean and fresh application every time
• Flexible stick
• Light and portable for beauty on-the-go
• Convenient
• Disposable

I seriously was torn whether to do a holiday look or nail art, in the end, well, you guessed what happened. 😛  I’ve created three different looks with similar accent nail which I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s holiday appropriate. Take a look and let me know your pick/s.

Purple + Textured Silver Glitter Nail Art

Q-tips Precision Tips

I heart purple so I had to find out how it looks with all the glitters involved. I also added extra gold beads on the Christmas Tree as baubles and went artsy with my mid-finger and dotticure my way on it. Q-tips Precision Tips did a fab job as the picker tool for the gold beads.

#beautyQtips: Just dip the tip of the Precision Tips or Cotton Swabs with a clear polish, base or top coat and voila, a picker tool! 

Pink + Silver Glitter Nail Art

Q-tips Precision Tips

Q-tips Precision Tips

Q-tips Precision Tips were great in doing the ‘clean up’ job as well as applying the glitters without smudging it all over the place.

Nude + Gold Glitter Nail Art


Well, someone went glitter happy here! LOL. Nothing beats the gold inspired nail art and added Christmas tree as accent nail for this season’s holiday look. Once again, I experimented with the Precision Tips, which was handy in creating small dots on the Christmas tree.

#beautyQtips : To create smaller dots, roll the Precision Tips between your fingers a little bit more to give it a much sharper end.

And that’s what this Glitter Holiday Nail Art with Q-tips is all about! Lots of glitter, fun, easy and quick to do nail art so you have extra time to do your hair and makeup!

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