I’m so ecstatic to end March with a bang and lots of aloha, courtesy of this month’s Brand Spotlight Leahlani, your natural skincare brand from Hawaii! Prepare to give your skin the ultimate tropical vacation with Leahlani’s perfect blend of nourishing ingredients to help you radiate from within. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my experience and hopefully get to indulge your cravings along the way.

For today’s Brand Spotlight, Leah (Leahlani’s creative and beautiful Founder) and I agreed to do it a little bit different than the usual Q&A and went for helpful tips to keep your skin in top shape as the season changes.

Read on beauty beans!

Leahlani Skincare Collection

Spring Skincare Tips By Leah, Esthetician and Leahlani Skincare Founder

Leah with hubby Oliver

Spring is always such a breath of fresh air, especially after a long winter. It is a time for new beginnings, letting go of old patterns and doing some cleaning, both internally and externally. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to check in with your skin care regimen and throw out products that no longer work for you or have extended their shelf life. It is also a time to change things up.

Your skin goes through a huge shift between the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. Winter brings cold winds and low humidity that can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause dry patches and itchy, irritated skin. Then Spring comes along, and areas of your skin that have been hiding during the winter are now exposed and are more sensitive now that they are being shaved and unveiled to the sun after a long period of hibernation.

The beauty of our skin is that it constantly working hard to create the ideal environment for us, but during this seasonal shift, it is not uncommon for your skin to become a bit erratic before it settles into the ebb and flow of the new season. Here are some tips to make the transition a bit more comfortable:

  • Make your skincare and self care items accessible.

Keep your cleansers, toners, hair oils and facemasks visible on your bathroom counter next to the sink so that you will be reminded to use them. Often times, out of sight truly is out of mind, and you forget to use your special products that you have tucked away.

  • Keep your serums, night creams, hand creams and balms on your bedside table so that you will remember to use them each night before you go to bed.

It is such a lovely ritual to get into, and you will find yourself looking forward to those last minutes of pampering before bed.

  • Less is more come spring and summer.

You may find you don’t need to use your heavy or rich skincare products anymore. A hydrating toner may be just what your skin needs during the daytime. I recommend our Lavender or Orange Blossom toner; both provide ample hydration and help to gently balance the natural PH of your skin.

Leahlani Skincare Collection

  • Exfoliation is important, especially if you are wearing sun block during the day. At least 1-2 times a week, gently exfoliate with our Honey Love 3-in-1.

Make sure to focus on the areas with congestion and don’t forget to exfoliate your lips with this too, it is such a lovely treat. During the days that you exfoliate, follow with a face mask. My ‘glow-to’ combo is gently exfoliating with the Honey Love 3-in-1 and then applying the Mermaid Mask. Exfoliating will remove all of the dead skin cells on thestratum corneum, and will allow for deeper absorbtion of the super nutrient dense Mermaid Mask, which truly is superfood for your skin.

  • A light cream or serum may be all you need to hydrate your skin at night.

I love the Siren Serum, it is lightweight and easily absorbed, plus it is filled to the brim with vitamins A and C, which your skin will need now that it is being exposed to the sun more often. The main base oil in the Siren Serum is jojoba, which is very similar in constitution to our natural sebum, so the skin will absorb it easily and deliver the potent nutrients in the serum to the deeper layers of our skin so that they can work their magic.

Leahlani Skincare Collection

  • And alas, our Coco Infusions are your BFF during spring and summer.

A tropical and blissful blend of organic, cold pressed macadamia, kukui and coconut oils infused with organic fragrances and the super potent, vitamin-packed sea buckthorn fruit oil. They smell like a dream, and you can use this oil from head to toe, in your hair, your bath water, to shave with, as a body moisturizer, you name it. I will be making some with golden shimmer in the coming weeks, which will give your skin the perfect glow for spring. The Coco Infusions are also lightweight, so they will not leave your skin greasy.

I am always happy to help assist you in finding which of my products will best resonate with your skin type, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Enjoy spring! Summer is just around the corner.

Thank you Leah for these useful skincare tips! Feel free to connect with Leahlani Skincare on Instagram or Facebook or check the rest of her collection on Etsy. I highly recommend Coco Infusions, which will be reviewed on this blog next week. So stay tuned and stay awesome!