This month’s Brand Spotlight features Wonderland Organics, a beautifully handmade natural skincare brand with a whimsical touch! Handmade in small batches, the Wonderland Organics line is formulated with the best, organic and fair-trade ingredients when possible and are tailored to sensitive skin.

Prepare to treat your skin to an unforgettable and quite indulging experience with Wonderland Organics skin care products! Get acquainted with Alice, the brains and beauty behind the brand, and why you’ll fall in love with her collection like I do!Brand Spotlight

I’m so ecstatic for this amazing opportunity of being able to feature you and your brand on my blog. One of the many things that captivated me about your brand is the name, can you tell us more the inspiration behind this?

Wonderland Organics FounderI have been captivated by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland since I was young, and read the book and watched the Disney version repeatedly. It probably didn’t hurt to know that I was named partly after the main character! I was a vividly curious child, and the curiosity only increased as I entered adulthood

When I moved to Taiwan, my skin became inflamed because of the hot and humid weather. After my day job as a marketing associate, I would study up on ingredients and brands. From there, I jumped down the rabbit hole to the world of green beauty. After I realized that many of the conventional brands had similar ingredients, I started to wonder if the natural beauty industry had products that could help my skin.

Luckily, there were natural brands in Taiwan that were willing to teach me about why certain raw materials were better for sensitive skin. I will forever be indebted to the ladies who taught me a lot about the benefits of essential oils and carrier oils like coconut oils.


My vision for my brand was effective skincare that was whimsical yet fun, with scents that seemed ethereal. It was then that the idea for the name Wonderland Organics came into place. While working with my graphic designer on the logo, I knew that I wanted the colors to be clean and simple: sky blue, white, and black. It only occurred to me later on that those were the colors of Alice in Wonderland’s dress!

To add a touch of whimsy to it, we added an intricate mushroom to make the Wonderland Organics logo pop.

Do you have a favorite natural ingredient that you love to blend with your formulation all the time?

Since I started taking skincare classes, I was most interested in organic kukui oil. It’s a beautiful oil from Hawaii, and it is great for all skin types: sensitive, combination, oily, normal, and dry. I’ve found it to be extremely effective, so you’ll spot kukui oil in most of my creations. The surprising part? It is actually a type of nut, but most people find themselves able to use this lightweight oil without any skin inflammation issues.Wonderland Organics - brand spotlight

Three beauty summer tips you can share with us?

  • Change your pillowcase often, especially when the weather becomes warm! There is a lot of bacteria that builds up on it, so I like to change mine every few days. Bonus points for using silk pillowcases: they do not create the crease on your face that you sometimes wake up to from the cotton ones.
  • Make sure you apply SPF50 (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide), and reapply every hour. I also wear my UPF50 hat, which protects my face and neck from the sun’s unrelenting rays. You can first spot signs of aging on your hands and neck, so it is good to be diligent about moisturizing and putting sunscreen on those two areas. For extra protection, you can wear gloves when driving, and add tint to your car.
  • Less is more during hotter days, so it’s great to use just an organic hydrosol or toner, your choice of Wonderland Organics facial oils, and sunscreen on top of it. This is my to-go routine if I’m feeling minimalistic! For oily or combination skin, I recommend the Balance Serum: the synergistic mix of organic oils like tamanu, argan, and apricot kernel will moisturize with a matte finish. For dry and normal skin types, I recommend the Sublime or Soothe Serums: organic pomegranate oil is an antioxidant that helps fight free-ranging radicals, and absorbs nicely onto the skin. The differences lie in the scents: Soothe contains organic lavender oil, while Sublime has organic or wildharvested peru balsam, sweet orange, geranium, lavender, frankincense, and rose absolute.And as I’m a curious bean, are you able to give us some hints on what’s in the works or new product we should be seeing added to your amazing line soon?

I’m currently working on a cleanser + exfoliator set. I first tried konjac sponges in Taiwan a few years ago, and was very impressed with how well it worked. Even through humid weather, my skin never became inflamed with the sponge, so I am extremely excited to have this as a part of the Wonderland Organics product line! There is plenty more in the R&D phase, so I will definitely be dropping hints on this later on

Wonderland Organics offers a Sampler Pack, a great way to explore this brand. It contains three different facial serums and lotion samples. You can use the code samples which will give you 10% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING!

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