I don’t even have to Google this one to know, I just have to open my closet and see the obvious proof that there’s a pile of skin care and makeup packaging staring back at me, dating back to … hmm let’s see, years ago. Are you the same? Well, welcome to the club!

As far as I can remember, I never really used to bother with packaging before. In fact, I couldn’t wait to undress my new makeup products from an impulse buy and toss the packaging right away. Plus if you want usage tips, there’s always the world wide web to give you a hand.

However, when Sweet Jelly Bean started to really become a thing for me, without even me realizing it at first, I started putting boxes after boxes aside of products I bought or received from brands and before I knew it, I had a humungous stash of them that’s worth reviewing on their own. It’s pretty hilarious when I think about it and worrisome at the same time, because anything that’s past moderate can definitely get out of hand.

Packaging Hoarder

So what is it that’s stopping us from throwing them away? What is it that keeps us bloggers from collecting and making sure every box of our favorite, best-seller, hot in the market beauty products is in pristine condition and no crease visible on sight?

Mine normally involves a few reasons.. such as, I’m going to take a picture of it along with the product itself. And you know, it just feels so wrong to do a mini photoshoot for one product sans the packaging, right? The product (for me personally) just looks naked or incomplete on its own or worst, used, when you haven’t even swiped or dip your finger in it yet. So, for as long as I can keep this packaging to when I’m eventually going to take a picture of this product, I’m going to put it aside. And the cycle starts, pretty much.

The truth of the matter is, more often than not, we actually end up forgetting about this pile of boxes even after we’ve reviewed and posted about it or even finished the whole product! What’s left behind are beautiful, cute and fun-looking packaging accumulating space and dust laying around waiting for something to happen.

Packaging Hoarder

If you’re on the same boat, how do you deal with all these boxes? Do you have the same, dare I say, ‘blogging habits’ like I have and keep them instead? Let’s be honest, what’s the oldest box you have that you completely forgot about?

Does the packaging play an important role in your photos when blogging about a product? Or you’ve learned to work your way around it and completely clutter-free? Share those tips!