Some days are just better with a Chambray shirt on (and chino micro shorts). The weekend is one of them.

These days, I don’t get a lot of sun due to my crazy working schedule and I long for the summer sun. You know, the not so oven-baked-like-heat accompanied with a refreshing breeze? That’s the day you’ll mostly likely find me frolicking.

Chambray Shirt

When it comes to my every day or casual outfit, I really lend towards comfort especially when I’m out with my little bean. So high heels are out, ultra-skinny jeans would be my second or third choice, and skater dresses or skirts would be a no, unless of course my husband is around. Then I can be all girly and fabulous, so he can do the chasing.

So it’s no surprise why I fell in love with the Chambray fashion trend. It has become my go-to whenever I want comfy, thanks to its lightweight material, which is great on sunny, breezy days. This particular piece I scored from Cotton On US for only $15!  A good sale is my BFF and now I wished I picked up one more. No judging here.

Chambray Shirt

The material is surprisingly soft (definitely denim’s softer cousin) and feels cool on my skin.

Being a huge fan of ¾ shirts, I am just glad that I can roll up my sleeves whenever I want while the frayed edges give this a more laid-back feel.

There are many ways to style a Chambray shirt and it’s something I am fascinated with. Just like how it goes well with my chino micro shorts from UNIQLO in an anchor print. This whole outfit costs me a total $46 including my slip-ons from Asos by New Look. Not bad?

Chambray Shirt

Even though we didn’t plan to take photos while out, I’m so happy that it turned out well! My husband did an excellent job taking them despite having our son running around and in some cases, photobombing. Good times, huh?