5 Portrait Photography Tips You Need to Know

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Taking stunning portraits is an art that isn’t easy to master. As a beginner, you will end up being frustrated not getting the right shot after several times. Don’t consider this as a reason to give up. Read on and we’ll list the best tips to do portrait photography like an expert. 

1. Consider Lighting 

Whether you are shooting portraits in an indoor or outdoor environment, pay attention to proper lighting, which can make or break your subject. Lighting adds mood to the picture, making it easier to influence the emotions of the audience. Thankfully, the best lighting should not cost an arm and a leg. If you are looking for a practical way to improve your portrait photography skills, consider lighting rentals. It allows you to take advantage of camera lighting from the top global brands without the need to splurge. 

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2. Frame It Properly 

Framing is one of the most important tips for portrait photography. It is simply a technique that allows you to draw attention to a specific element of the subject. It draws the eyes of the audience to the focal point while also adding depth to the image. This is also where you can apply the rule of thirds, which improves balance and composition of portraits. 

3. Choose the Right Settings 

In one article from TechRadar, the author shares the most important technical settings that will help in improving the quality of portraits. A wide aperture is best, which should be from f/2.8 to f/5.6. This improves the depth of field, effectively blurring the background to make the subject the focus. Setting the right shutter speed is also important, which needs to be higher than the effective focal length of your camera. Increasing the ISO also helps to allow more light to enter and improve brightness. 

4. Pick a Good Lens 

The lens that you will use also has a huge impact on the quality of the portraits. A wide-angle lens is the best if you want to create portraits with exceptional visual impact. This adds more drama to the shot. Its focus is not only the person but also the environment at which the picture is shot. 

5. Find the Best Angle 

While the lens makes a huge difference, it is useless without finding the right angles at which you will shoot the subject. If you want the eyes to do the talking, you can shoot at a position that is the same level as the person you are taking a photo of. If you want it to look for fashionable, on the other hand, you can shoot at a low angle. Shooting at different angles also makes it possible to highlight the best features of the subject. 

Shooting portraits can be frustrating especially if you fail to capture the emotions of the subject. While there are some people who are born with the eye, with the right training and by keeping in mind our suggestions above, it is easy to take portraits like a pro. 


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