Get Holiday-Ready Hair with NAK Hair’s Top Trending Styles

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*This blog post is based on a press release from NAK Hair.*

The festive season is upon us, and while it brings joy, it can also bring a bit of stress, especially when it comes to finding the perfect hairstyle for all those holiday events. But fear not, because NAK Hair is here to guide you through the maze of trending holiday hairstyles with their ultimate style guide for the season.

1. Slick Back Bun for Effortless Chic
– Embrace the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic with the Slicked Back Bun, stealing the spotlight on social media, runways, and red carpets.
– Achieve this cool and chic look without freshly washed hair by parting your hair down the middle.
– Apply NAK Hair Amped Up Styling Gel close to the roots and brush your hair back for a sleek finish.
– Secure your hair into a tight bun and add a touch of shine with NAK Hair Sheer Styling Glaze for that flawless look.

sick back bun

2. Half-Up Bow for a Classic Upgrade
– Elevate the timeless half-up, half-down hairstyle with a bow as the perfect holiday accessory.
– Start with NAK Hair Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for natural volume, bounce, and shine.
– Blow-dry your hair for a smooth yet curled finish and secure the crown with an elastic.
– Add a bow as the finishing touch and ensure your style lasts with NAK Hair Fixation Finishing Spray.

half-up bow

3. Messy and Textured for Effortless Glam
– Say farewell to beach waves and welcome the textured, grunge-inspired era of style.
– Embrace the ’90s vibe with an undone, roll-out-of-bed look that’s perfect for those on the go.
– Use NAK Hair Dry Zone Matte Wax to enhance texture, provide definition, and control frizz.
– Create your desired undone look with a brush, fingers, or a curling wand for subtle waves.

messy and textured hairstyle

*This blog post is based on a press release from NAK Hair.*

NAK Hair has you covered this holiday season, making sure you’re in sync with the latest trends and shining at every event.


NAK Hair is an Australian made and owned company that proudly embodies a down-to-earth culture. Its hair care journey began in 2003, driven by the vision to create exclusive salon products that mirror its Natural Australian Kulture. With a deep understanding of salon life and a passion for crafting products inspired by the Australian lifestyle, NAK Hair stands as an authentic advocate for salons. Its product collections feature Natural Vegan ingredients, Luxe Botanicals and Pure Essential Oils, all carefully crafted to provide hair rituals that honor the delicate nature of both hair and skin.



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