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5 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Blog Header!

DIY take two! I might have repelled most of you  let alone gave you unnecessary headache because of the DIY post I published at three o’clock this morning. For that, I sincerely apologise. I might have gotten carried away for making it so overly beginners-friendly post and have covered even the minute detail of things you might have already known  about blog-header…

DIY 101: Step by Step on Customizing your Blog Header with Pixlr Express

Hello Sweet Jelly Bean readers! This is my first ever How To… post, so please bear with me. I will do my utmost best to make this less painful for you to read and follow through. I took some screenshots (and there’s a lot…hmmm) and I’m hoping that they would make my step-by-step ramblings digestible. It might seem like a…

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