‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Nail Art!

girls just wanna have fun nail art

I couldn’t really think of a better way to name this nail art and start our week but with another song ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ of which I’m sure you’ve heard of already. Thanks to Cyndi Lauper for rocking it out and telling the world, that yes, us girls just want to have fun, especially on a Monday! LOL.

Anyway, back to my nail art. I was lacking any inspiration over the weekend of what to paint my nails amidst all the nail polishes on my desk. I don’t know, it felt like I lost my nail art mojo or something and was about to call it a day, when my hubby told me to just relax and take a deep breath. And voila, that little tap on my shoulder and kiss on my forehead inspired me to create this fun and colorful nail art! That’s some bean points for him and kudos to all nail art loving beauties, who are patient enough to create wonderful designs to share with the rest of us. It takes a lot of patience and determination, that’s for sure.

girls just wanna have fun nail art

Wet n Wild Megalast® mini nail polishes collection came in really handy for this design. I bought this set (8 minis) from CVS for $4.99 (!!) and had this for a while now but just didn’t know what to do with them until the weekend. You all know that I love colorful stuff (i.e. jellybeans) but what really made me buy this particular brand is the fact that it’s 3-free. No formaldehyde, toluene and DPB (Dibutyle Phthalate), considered as the Toxic Trio.

I wanted to make the most of the colors than just swatching them one by one. Yes, I’m lazy doing any straightforward swatches, I have to admit. Ha ha. I used 5 Megalast® nail polishes to create ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ nail art and my dotting tools, which I bought from Amazon.com before.

>>World Pride 5pcs Double Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure,set of 5<<

I’ve been fascinated with dainty nail stickers lately and wanted to try if I could create the same thing using these nail polishes.

girls just wanna have fun nail artWhat do you think ladies? You can’t really go wrong with little hearts and a zigzag of colors now, can you?girls just wanna have fun nail artwetnwildnailartsjb

Have a fun and colorful week everyone! And don’t forget to share this post and let the blogosphere know, that we just want to have fun, especially on a Monday! 😛


P.S. Hmm, it seems that ‘Weekend Mani’ is about to become your ‘Weekly Mani’ series. LOL.

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