About Sweet Jelly Bean

Sweet Jelly Bean is not only about indulging beauty cravings, it’s also having that ‘eureka’ moment of discovering that product you thought you didn’t need, but apparently, you do!

We don’t set boundaries here on what or how much products one should have or use but instead, we help educate each other and share useful tips that will make a difference inside and out. About

There will be a lot of musings, the occasional impulse buys here and there, shopaholic tendencies and cuteness overload more than the average Jane or Joe can handle.

In the end, we believe that it all comes down to what you want and here, we like to say, treat yo self! Because life’s short and what not.

Over the years, these blog / website has evolved in many ways and it has been quite a journey for me as a blogger, beauty enthusiast, reader, and a full-time Mom.

This site is forever changing… for the better so I hope you’re staying tuned. (Oh yeah, that’s me on the right, having a moment.)

Got any questions?

Like, what lipstick are you wearing? Where did you get those earmuffs? Or do you really like animal print design? (In fact, I do!)

Drop me a line on hello @ sweetjellybean dot com


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