“Stop biting your lips,” my Mom would scold trying to curb my bad habit. She would also warn, “Do you want big, droopy lips? No? Then stop.”

This is how unpredictable trends are because fast forward thirty years, and we’re living in a reality where big lips are so hot, hot, hot that you can fill up your virtual shopping cart on Sephora with hundreds of dollars of pout maximizing products.

Now that voluptuous lips are trending on every social media platform; we’ve detailed four different ways to take your lips to the next level. From the natural DIY method, affordable lip products you can pick up on your next mall trip, to an at-home lip suction device (ala the Kylie Jenner challenge), and for the longest lasting results lip injections via Juvéderm.

1. Plumping Au Natural

Sometimes I get a thrill out of creating beauty products from natural elements found in the kitchen. Not only do I save some money, but I am also eliminating carbon footprints. The great thing about DIY-ing is that you can choose from wide variety of base lubricants like olive oil, coconut oil, or even almond oil. Guaranteed you have these ingredients in your pantry.

Add one part of your desired oil, ½ part ground cinnamon, and ¼ part cayenne powder. Mix thoroughly and apply to your lips for a maximum of ten minutes. Make sure you rinse well! Let’s delve into the science of how this spicy concoction works. Cayenne and cinnamon are irritants that naturally cause your lips to swell.

2. Gloss on, Gloss off

The first time I had heard of lip plumpers was via the Z100 Morning Show. It was in the early 2000s, and the radio host was raving about the brand DuWop and their Lip Venom. Why waste time with imitations and go for the original, right?

DuWop has expanded their line, and now there are several shades of lip-enhancing glosses to choose from: the warm and cool combo of Venom Flash, the crimson Twilight Venom (yes, that Twilight), and the lovely, shimmering Moon Venom.

Here’s another favorite, with a hint of mint.

3. Suck it Up

Lip cupping or lip suctioning was a trend on Instagram that had (mostly) kids all around the world using empty plastic bottles as a vacuum to increase their lips. The problem was that the opening on a beverage bottle is way too small for the average lip size and thus resulted in broken blood vessels, over-swelling, and even stitches. Ouch!

So, please do not try the Kylie Jenner challenge with a water bottle! Instead pick up a lip suctioning device that was made specifically for a range of lip sizes like the brand CandyLipz. There are several sizes available: small, medium/large, and the Angelina Jolie inspired medium/large double-lobed. They also offer a lip blocker which will target only one lip, which is great if only your top lip needs a boost. Alternatively, there’s also PMD Kiss Lip Plumper, dubbed as the next generation of lip plumping!

4. Worth The Shot!

Maybe you’ve tried all of the above, and the short-term results just aren’t working for you. Why not try lip injections? For a while, Kylie Jenner claimed her suddenly full pout was due to overlining, when in fact she was secretly sneaking off for lip injections.

What is a lip injection or a lip filler? Containing hydraulic acid (which also naturally occurs in the skin) this injection will almost magically add or restore volume to lips. Juvéderm injection results are instant and semi-permanent, lasting for months. The body will slowly break down the hydraulic acid, so depending on how fast your metabolism is, an enhanced lip might last up to a year!

Juvéderm injections can also be used to restore drooping, sagging, and hollow facial areas (not to be confused with Botox, which is for those pesky frown lines, crow’s feet, and worry forehead lines that seem to pop up unwelcomed). If you’re interested in a more permanent pout via lip injections, find out more about this lip treatment here  (P.S. the consultation is free).

Let us know if you have any lip scrubbing recipes, a favorite lip plumper, tried, failed, or succeeded with a lip suction device (or even the Kylie Jenner challenge), or gave lip injections a shot. We’d love to hear about your experiences!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Esteem Medical Spa. All opinions and images are of my own.