Do you remember the last time you cleaned the drawers in your bathroom? I’m right there with you! Ahh! I don’t remember when the last time was. If it’s been a while or you can’t even remember the last month ( or even year ) when this happened, today’s post is for you!

Bathroom storage spaces can often be neglected during regular bathroom cleaning because everything is closed behind doors. It’s the “out of sight out of mind” issue. Since you don’t have to look at all the mess in your cabinets while you get ready for work, a date or what have you, there really is no motivation to keep it cleaned up and tidy!
Having messy drawers can be a bad breeding ground for those awful odors, wasted space or worse, the 5 million bobby pins or hair ties you keep losing. That’s why I wanted to share 5 easy tips to cleaning your bathroom and getting it ready for Spring!

  1. Remove EVERYTHING
    Of course, the first thing you need to do before you get anything accomplished with your spring cleaning is pull everything out. That’s right- everything! Before you start dumping it all over your floor, consider the amount of time you have. If you have about an hour, work on one cabinet or drawer. If you have longer, go ahead and dump away multiple cabinets at once. Why? It’s much easier to wipe down the bottom of each cabinet or drawer if they are empty. It’s also easier to sort through all those makeup items or old issues if they are spread out across your floor.
  2. Clean The Inside
    Once everything is pulled out of the drawers and cabinets, I like to grab a handy vacuum and suck up all the dirt or spilled makeup from the inside of the cabinets. There could be a lot of hair or even sand from the last trip to the beach down there so a quick session with the vacuum attachments will get that all fresh and clean! After it’s all cleaned, make sure you don’t have any sticky messed too! I have a plastic scraper nearby in case I find a gooey mess from a bottle of spilled conditioner! EEK! That scrapper helps with time and energy by getting rid of the mess up quickly instead of scrubbing forever!
  3. Say Bye Bye To The Old
    As you start going through your cabinets, make sure the contents of each cabinet stay together. Make sure what you toss doesn’t have an expiration date on them! When it comes to makeup like mascara tubes or an old tube of toothpaste, don’t be left wondering if you used it the last 3 months! I also like to use the motto, “When in doubt, just throw it out” because the majority of the items in our bathroom are used on our bodies, you want to make sure that you don’t want to use them still. Better to safe than sorry right?
  4. Store With Style
    With so many items sorted, now it’s time to get bins and organizers to put everything back in the cabinets and drawers. I love using organizers because it helps keep it looking neat, tidy and easy to access. I’ll grab baskets for nail files, polish, chapstick, bobby pins and more! Baskets are also great for under the sink like a plastic shoe box for extra shower supplies. If they leak, the mess will be contained in that container which makes it easier for you to clean up!
  5. Add Fresh Touches
    Now that everything is clean, organized and Spring-ready, I like to spruce it up with a few fun touches like amazing smelling flowers or new towels I just picked up. I also like to add pops of color! We recently redid our countertops to have a more modern look to them and thanks to the amazing experience at Premier Surfaces Buffalo New York, we couldn’t be happier with the results. They offer excellent customer service, a variety of different countertops to choose from and have everything and anything you can think of not just for your bathroom but your kitchen or outdoor patio you might want to redo this spring!

My bathroom is more than ready for the warmer weather to get here! How are you getting your bathroom ready for Spring? Share some tips you have, too!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Premier Surfaces, the nation’s largest fabricator and installer of custom countertops and surfaces.